May 08 2019


During the period from 06.05.2019 to 08.05.2019, a committee conducted standard testing of a unitized transforming substation developed and manufactured by PC NPP “Radiy.”

The purpose of the testing was to assess the effectiveness and necessity of proposed changes to the specification.

Test results confirmed that the proposed changes are necessary.Tupovi

Apr 10 2019


From 08/04/2019 to 10/04/2019, a commission performed acceptance testing of automatic power controller and power limiting device and accelerated preventive protection for unit 3 of SS SUNPP.

The commission concluded that the equipment complies with nuclear and radiation safety standards, is functional, and correctly operates in all modes.ARMROM1

The equipment will be shipped to the SS SUNPP in May 2019.ARMROM2

Mar 28 2019


On March 26-28, 2019 acceptance testing of Safety-Related Nuclear Island I&C System for South Ukraine NPP unit 3 was performed at the RPC Radiy facilities.


Test results show that the system complies with the current Nuclear Radiation Safety rules and standards and the testing committee confirmed that the Safety-Related Nuclear Island I&C System operates correctly in all established operation modes.

The system is scheduled to be delivered to South Ukraine NPP in May 2019.Shkaf

Mar 26 2019


The international project “All Across the Ukraine” was completed and its final stage of recognizing winners took place on March 26, 2019. The Project was launched by the information and publishing center “Galaxy” and was enthusiastically supported by the Kirovograd Region Administration.

The winners of the Project who made a considerable contribution to the development of Ukraine and their region in particular were given rewards in recognition of their valued service, effort and dedication. The reward ceremony was held in Kirovograd Music and Drama Theatre named after M. Kropyvnytskyi.

The Chairman of the Supervisory Council of Public Company Research and Production Corporation Radiy Ievgeniy Bakhmach was provided with the highest Project reward – the order of “Patriots of Kirovograd Region”. The reward was anticipated as Ievgeniy Bakhmach has been and outstanding public leader and a progressive businessman who has been working for the benefit of Kirovograd region by developing social designs and investing into construction and recreation projects. He is enthusiastically supporting youth projects and charity activities in the region.


The award recipients were welcomed by the head of the regional council Aleksander Chernoivanenko who said: “This year Reward Ceremony takes place in the time of our Region’s 80 years anniversary.We all live here to add a new page of our region’s history.Today’s Event is an important step towards our common goal – prosperity of Ukraine”.

The “Patriots of Kirovograd Region” honorable award was given to more than 100 citizens who represent municipal councils and administrations, farmers, and managers of private companies. The award winners’ names were mentioned in the book “Kirovograd region: names and achievements” which was published in memory of the Event.

Feb 27 2019

The fire alarm system manufactured by PC “RPC Radiy” is designed to provide fire safety of personnel, buildings, premises and process equipment of nuclear power plants and other industrial facilities.

The fire alarm system

On February 26-27, 2019, a commission performed the factory acceptance tests of the fire alarm system equipment for units 1 and 3 of SS South-Ukraine nuclear power plant.

The fire alarm system has a modular structure and a self-diagnostics system that provides prompt detection of failures without interfering with system operation. Failure detection is made with the accuracy up to the hardware means or addressable fire detector. The operational life of the system is at least 30 years and it is designed for continuous full-time operation.

Based on the test results, the commission concluded that all technical specifications had been met and that the fire alarm system could be delivered to the customer.

Feb 15 2019

From February 9-14, 2019 Radiy/Radics representatives took part in the 11th Nuclear Plant Instrumentation, Control and Human-Machine Interface Technologies. Every second year NPIC&HMIT forum gives an excellent chance for nuclear I&C and human factor engineering professionals to meet with leaders in industry and academia, discover the state of the technology, exchange information and discuss future directions.


Radiy/Radics  engineers made several presentations at hot-topic technical sessions, took an active part in plenary discussions that attracted professionals from across the US and introduced advanced FPGA-based technical solutions for modernization projects using demonstration equipment at the exhibition.


Partnered with Curtiss-Wright, Radics will be able to offer international nuclear customers diverse, cyber secure, digital safety systems,  that are compliant with current national regulations and are able to define safe and secure deterministic plant operation.

Feb 14 2019

On February 12, 2019, a commission performed acceptance testing of the fire alarm system for unit 1 of Khmelnytsky nuclear power plant.

The fire alarm system for unit 1 of Khmelnytsky nuclear power plant

The commission concluded that the equipment met the specified technical requirements and confirmed that the main technical characteristics met the established limits.

The commission recommended delivery of the fire alarm system to the customer.

Jan 28 2019

news release

Curtiss-Wright and RadICS LLC announced a technical and marketing partnership agreement at the 11th International Workshop on the application of FPGAs in Nuclear Power Plants in Dallas, Texas. Curtiss-Wright will market the Radiy RadICS digital safety system platform exclusively in the United States. Curtiss-Wright’s Idaho Falls operations will be the US integration center of excellence for the RadICS-based systems. System design, configuration and programming will be managed under the long-standing 10CFR50 Appendix B program at this facility. The Idaho Falls office will also be the domestic stocking facility for all RadICS system components and a direct exchange facility for any in-service devices.

RadICS is IEC 61508 SIL 3 (in a single channel configuration), NRC safety certified digital safety system platform. This FPGA based safety platform is the core of Curtiss-Wright’s Digital Safety System and is suitable for installation in any nuclear power generating facility to replace existing digital or analog safety systems. The system is both hardware and software diverse making it the only fully deterministic solution available today. RadICS is designed to easily fulfill all cyber requirements. By virtue of its’ diverse hardware and software and its’ “fail-to-safe-state” design, it is immune to digital system Common Cause Failures. In fact, it is licensable today under existing rules and guidelines without fear of the risk and uncertainties associated with earlier less secure and robust designs.

Radiy is a pioneer in the design, manufacturing, and installation of FPGA-based digital instrumentation and control (DI&C) systems for nuclear power plants and research reactors. With over 100 systems installed to-date and successful SIL 3 certification for the RadICS platform, Radiy’s demonstrated technological expertise is paving the way for increased safety and efficiency in the nuclear field. The RadICS design is both hardware, utilizing FPGA and CPLD technology, and software diverse eliminating common cause failure licensing concerns. The Safety Evaluation Report (SER) will be released by the NRC in the Spring of 2019.

Curtiss-Wright will design, configure, manage and test the RadICS platform under their 10CFR50 Appendix B quality program. System development and Factory Acceptance Testing for systems will be performed in the secure Idaho Falls facility that meets all of the NRC requirements for a Secure Development and Operational Environment (SDOE). These development and test facilities ensure direct and immediate support of plant operations in the US. A full complement of modules and associated materials is maintained at the Idaho facility to support the 24/7 direct exchange maintenance program.

For More Information, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 208.497.3333.

Jan 25 2019

PC “RPC Radiy” has established a quality management system to provide for complete control of the equipment supplied to nuclear power plants. Type and handover acceptance testing are performed to control the quality of manufactured products. Type testing is a necessary step prior to handover acceptance testing. The results of such inspections help to identify and correct any defects in equipment or accompanying documentation.

On January 23-24, 2019, a DC power supply cabinet manufactured by PC “RPC Radiy” underwent type testing. The test results confirmed compliance with the requirements of Ukrainian regulatory documents and the commission recommended changes to the draft Change Notice that aim to clarify the categories of functions performed by the cabinets.

Jan 23 2019

ses 2 65l1 1RPC Radiy specialists have developed and installed an advanced Street Lighting Control System using ZigBee technology. Radiy began a pilot project with the city of Novoukrainka in early 2018 and the project finished with Radiy installing 31 smart luminaires on the city’s streets. Radiy provided the lights and their control system free of charge.

Before this new technology was developed, a service engineer or a group of specialists were needed to control a lighting system or fix any malfunctions. Now, street lights can be controlled with an Internet-connected smartphone. The street lighting control system with ZigBee technology is based on a radio module component placed in each luminaire. This module is able to receive and transmit control commands to the nearby luminaires on the same network. Radiy provides a 5+ year warranty on the luminaires and control 2 65l1 2

Jan 23 2019

never stop1On January 21, 2019 RPC Radiy held a training course for in-house designers. The instructor was Carl Lightfoot, Project Management Specialist of analysis and development of business processes, application, and system software for the transnational and local ERP-systems. Mr. Lightfoot shared his expertise on planning and managing storage stocks, logistics, and sales based on the application of different advanced IT technologies (including Cross-Platform Cloud solutions).

Radiy specialists regularly handle the tasks of organizing, planning, and developing software projects and the knowledge provided was both useful and practical. Additionally, they seized the opportunity to practice professional English with an international expert.never stop2

Jan 23 2019

On January 21-23, 2019, the Power Supply System for Rod Control (part of the Reactor Control and Protection System) for unit 3 of SS South-Ukraine nuclear power plant successfully passed Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT). Testing was done at PC “RPC Radiy” facilities.

The FAT commission confirmed that the Power Supply System meets Ukrainian standards on nuclear and radiation safety and that the equipment ensures safe and proper functioning in all operation modes. It was recommended that the system be delivered to the customer.

Jan 11 2019

On January 9-10, 2019 a special commission from PC RPC Radiy conducted factory acceptance testing (FAT) of equipment designed as a part of the Fire Alarm System (FAS 1-16) to be installed at Rivne NPP.

Fire Alarm Systems for Power Unit Fire Alarm Systems for Power Unit Fire Alarm Systems for Power Unit

The FAT results showed that the fire control receiver, control device, and fire alarm system meet the technical requirements identified in the supply contract.  The FAT commission accepted the equipment as qualified to operate and authorized delivery to the customer.

Dec 29 2018

The Power Supply System for Rod Control (part of the Reactor Control and Protection System) has successfully passed factory acceptance testing (FAT). PC “RPC Radiy” developed and manufactured the Power Supply System for unit 4 of Zaporozhye nuclear power plant.

Testing was performed at PC “RPC Radiy” facilities and the FAT commission confirmed the full compliance of the equipment and documentation with Ukrainian nuclear and radiation safety regulations and national electromagnetic compatibility requirements consistent with the IEC standards. The software verification plan and report confirmed the compliance of the Power Supply System software with Ukrainian requirements.

PC “RPC Radiy” designed and manufactured the Power Supply System in accordance with the company’s Quality Assurance program and the FAT commission confirmed that the system ensures safe operation and proper functioning in all operation modes.

Dec 12 2018

New Project Presentation to Consulate General of the Czech Republic

On December 12, 2018, leading Czech engineering company NUVIA introduced its new project to the Consulate General of the Czech Republic. The project is focuses on modernizing Ukrainian nuclear power plants and will be implemented in partnership with several Ukrainian engineering companies, including PC RPC Radiy. The project will be coordinated by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

NUVIA belongs to a French corporation VICI and has considerable experience in project management and service providing to highly regulated industries.

In 2017, NUVIA A.S., part of a French corporation known as VICI, signed a Consortium Agreement with PC RPC Radiy to cooperate on modernization projects for unit 3 of South Ukrainian nuclear power plant during 2018 -2020.

Representatives of the French Embassy in Ukraine, PC RPC Radiy Chairman of the Supervisory Council Ievgenii Bakhmach, SE NNEGC "Energoatom” representative Gennadiy Sazonov, and members of Private Joint Stock Company “SRPA”Impulse” also attended the Consulate meeting.

During the presentation, all parties spoke about the benefits this partnership gives to its members: a valuable European experience for Ukrainian companies and, for European companies, a new perspective on the development of technical solutions.

Dec 10 2018

    On December 5-7, 2018, PC “RPC Radiy” Special Committee performed Factory Acceptance Testing of Safety Related Nuclear Island I&C System (SR NI I&C System) for SS Khmelnytska NPP Power Unit No.1.

Factory Acceptance Testing

    Validation of SR NI I&C System was performed in two stages at Radiy facilities in Kropyvnytskyi, Ukraine.

     The first stage involved the preliminary independent testing of the components and integrated testing of the SR NI I&C System. The tests were performed by Radiy’s Quality Control and Certification Department and were witnessed by the design and manufacturing departments. 

    The second stage of testing was done by the factory acceptance test (FAT) committee according to the programs and procedures UYAISH.468263.041 PP1, UYAISH.468263.041 PP2, and UYAISH.468263.041 PP3.

Factory Acceptance Testing

    The results of the acceptance testing confirmed that SR NI I&C System and its components comply with the Nuclear Radiation Safety standards and the requirements of UYAISH. 468263.041 ТZ. The supply set demonstrated correct operation and functioning in all operation modes, specified in UYAISH. 468263.041 ТZ. The design, operation, and program documents for the system is complete and meet the regulations applied in Ukraine.

    The FAT committee approved SR NI I&C System for delivery to the customer and for installation at SS KhNPP Power Unit No.1.

    For 20 years, PC “RPC Radiy” has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality nuclear power plant equipment.

Dec 05 2018

Regional Advisory Council 2018

On December 3, 2018 the Kropyvynytski Regional Advisory Council met with regional and city administrators and managers of leading companies to discuss important issues concerning development in the Kirovograd region.

Alina Begun, the Financial Director of Radiy, spoke about the company’s contribution to social and economic development in the region. For more than 20 years, Radiy has been a leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of advanced engineering equipment for nuclear facilities, both in Ukraine and around the world. The company is a job creator for new university graduates and salaries at Radiy exceed the average monthy income in the region. This stability is a huge advantage for the company’s 1100 employees.

Regional Advisory Council 2018

Radiy also places special focus on helping the community. The company provides various skill training and support programs for young families. Additionally, Radiy is working on several projects that will benefit the region as a whole:
1. Developing a rest and health center (SCYTHIA) in Novoukrainka;
2. Providing financial support for the arts and performance projects;
3. Regularly participating in charity projects.

The Regional Advisory Council concluded that the successful development of the region depends on companies like Radiy. Radiy’s progressive growth and stability is due to its personnel—people who are committed to the company’s goals and who demonstrate enthusiasm and professionalism daily.

Nov 30 2018

On November 29, 2018 Radiy specialists conducted factory acceptance testing (FAT) for seismic sensor SS-1.Seismic sensor SS-1

The members of the FAT commission confirmed that all SS-1 design documents are sufficient and meet requirements. FAT procedures demonstrated full compliance with requirements for radiation safety and other regulations applicable in Ukraine.

For PC RPC Radiy, SS-1 is a quality product proven in use since 2010.

Nov 12 2018

Radics LLC has become an official NIAC member

On November 7-9, 2018 Radics LLC representative participated in the annual Nuclear Industry Asessment Corporation (NIAC) meeting. Radics LLC is a newly accepted member. The Company joined 170 NIAC member companies as a part of brand promotion and recognition activities and QA – related practices benchmarking. The idea is to share nuclear experience and auditing services while supplying goods and services to the nuclear industry. The November annual meeting gathered 214 representatives whose purpose was to learn how to perform auditing services at the highest industry performance standards while eliminating redundancy and costs associated with duplicate supplier audits.

Radics LLC representative also attended the Training Session prepared by Chairman Stan Griffin. The focus of the training was to remind members on how to properly conduct an audit for NIAC—making the proper requests, filling out (and submitting) the correct forms, etc.

Next year’s non-mandatory June (19-20) meeting will be held in conjunction with the NUPIC vendor meeting in Jacksonville, Florida. The mandatory NIAC November (13-15) meeting will be held in Scottsdale, Arizona.

As a part of brand promotion and recognition activities and QA – related practices benchmarking, LLC Radics joined Nuclear Industry Assessment Corporation.

Nov 09 2018

On November 8, 2018, Eugene Bulba, head of the Validation and Commercial Grade Dedication Department, organized a workshop entitled «International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB) or How to Become a Qualified Validator?” Eugene is a qualified ISTQB Test Manager and he organized the workshop in order to share his experience with preparing for exams and becoming a recognized software tester.

The target audience of the workshop included professionals currently involved in the processes of software validation, those interested in the basics of testing, and those wanting to broaden their technical knowledge. During the workshop, which was held in Radiy’s new training center known as Smart Hall, Eugene introduced the requirements of the ISTQB and provided details on the Foundation and Advanced certification levels. These certificates can be obtained in Ukraine after successfully passing the required exams.

International Software Testing Qualification BoardInternational Software Testing Qualification Board

The workshop generated many questions and facilitated discussion about exam procedures and qualification requirements. All participants agreed that the ISTQB certificate demonstrates high qualification and considerable experience - important values for engineers willing to take on new tasks to further their personal and professional development.


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