Jul 23 2020

On July 22-23 level alarm modules (LAM) were successfully tested in compliance with FAT requirements and procedures. The modules were developed and manufactured according to the requirements of technical specification, they successfully passed preliminary tests and calibration. LAESeng

The level alarm equipment has been designed by the engineers of RPC Radiy’s design group of physical processes analysis. LAM is developed to measure environment resistance and to generate discrete threshold signals when reaching established values of resistance levels. All settings of LAM (threshold levels, operation modes and additional parameters) are designed with upper level software via digital interface RS-485.

The FAT results demonstrate that LAM meets the requirements of technical specification, design documentation; it complies with regulatory documents on radiation and nuclear safety and other normative documents applicable in Ukraine. Level alarm equipment demonstrates design features in all operation modes, described in technical specification.

The LAM equipment can now be delivered to the End User at Rivne NPP.

Jul 10 2020

Despite Coronavirus disrupting life across the world, Radics has continued to work intensively on finalizing existing projects and launching new ones.

With a strategic vision for the future, Radiy and Radics are moving forward with developing the safest platform with maximum functionality to be used as an effective I&C solution for both nuclear power plant (NPP) modernizations and new builds.

The six-module digital RadICS Platform Topical Report was approved by the US NRC on July 31, 2019 and on April 17, 2020, Radics submitted “Supplement to the RadlCS Digital Instrumentation and Control (l&C) Platform Topical Report,” for the US NRC review.

The RadICS Platform Topical Report was revised to reflect the addition of three new modules:

  • Wide Range Analog Inputs Module (WAIM),
  • Resistance Temperature Detector Inputs Module (RIM), and
  • Thermocouple Inputs Module (TIM).NRC1


New cable assemblies and interface protection modules were also added to the list of qualified platform components.

The US NRC staff accepted the RadICS Topical Report Supplement and the 9-module digital RadICS Platform configuration can now be used in safety-related systems at NPPs. The RadICS Platform can be configured to produce protection and safety system applications (such as reactor trip systems and engineered safety features actuation systems) to ensure the reliable and safe operation of nuclear facilities.

Jun 24 2020

Quarantine measures affect the operation of many companies, including Radiy. Nevertheless, fulfilling contractual obligations remains the number one priority.PTK 3

Radiy is an important participant of the Complex (Consolidated) Safety Upgrade Program of Power Units of Nuclear Power Plants. The main goals of this progam include the development, manufacturing, and testing of systems important for operating power unit modernization. This allows nuclear plants to preserve power production, improve safety, and increase the performance of power units.

As part of this effort, on 24 June 2020, Radiy performed acceptance testing of the ESFAS third channel for power unit No. 3 of South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant. The ESFAS system was developed and manufactured by Radiy. PTK3

The acceptance testing results proved that the system and its components comply with the nuclear safety regulations and can be delivered to the customer and used as intended.

May 27 2020

Specialists of Radiy’s I&C Design Group are continuously working towards extending functional capabilities and enhancing technical features of RadICS Platform by developing and testing new modules. Radiy team utilizes an innovative approach which is an important way to solve diverse tasks from the customers around the globe.WT11

On May 26, 2020, Radiy subjected three newly-developed modules: TIM (Thermocouple Inputs Module), RIM (Resistance Temperature Detector Inputs Module), WAIM (Wide Range Analog Inputs Module) for witness testing as well as updated software to configure RadICS platform and provide online monitoring to its components. The expert committee for witness testing was represented by exida, namely by Dave Batler, the Safety Engineer, and David Fournier, the Senior Safety Engineer. Due to quarantine restrictions witness testing was conducted virtually online. The goal of the testing was to demonstrate that these modules met all the functional requirements and the designed technical features. As a result of successfully conducted witness testing, exida is going to provide Radiy with a revised certificate for FPGA-based Safety Controller RadICS, which, in addition to already certified RadICS Platform modules, will cover three new modules (TIM, RIM and WAIM) as SIL3 Capable according to IEC 61508. Before this testing, TIM, RIM and WAIM were qualified by the Canadian testing laboratory Kinectrics.

It has to be noted that a limited time taken for testing procedures and minimal number of questions from experts are the evidence of a profound preparation of Radiy’s team for witness testing.WT12

Upon completion of testing exida experts pointed out the following:

  1. Highly professional skills of Radiy’s  I&C Design Group members;
  2. High level design of the new platform components;
  3. Continuous progress in design and testing procedures enhancement;
  4. Excellent interaction of all the groups during the testing process.

Radiy continues working diligently to keep its products advanced by increasing the functionality, improving the design and meeting requirements of the most demanding customers in nuclear industry.

May 27 2020

The global Covid-19 pandemic proved to be a serious challenge for Radiy but the company rose to the occasion. Restrictions due to quarantine caused changes to Radiy’s everyday schedule and working processes. However, those changes did not prevent the arrangement of Factory Acceptance Testing of equipment designed and manufactured for Rivne NPP. This equipment included hardware for ESFAS-2 and process protections and interlocks and alarms for ESFAS-2. Factory Acceptance Testing was conducted according to schedule on May 26, 2020. The only difference was that the tests occurred online instead of in-person.FAT2

The results of preliminary testing and FAT demonstrated that the Radiy equipment meets all the nuclear safety requirements and standards on nuclear safety and can be delivered to Rivne NPP.FAT

May 26 2020

On May 25-26, 2020, Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) occurred on the prototype of a multi-purpose current-operated distributor (COD) designed and developed by Radiy’s Physical Process Analysis Design Group. The testing was conducted on-line due to Covid-19 quarantine restrictions.


The COD equipment is designed to multiply the current signal and to convert one current standard to the other. It can be used as a component for automation devices and as a unit for instrumentation and control systems at NPPs and other industrial facilities. 


The Factory Acceptance Testing demonstrated that the equipment meets the requirements and regulations for nuclear and radiation safety. The COD is planned to be delivered to the end-user by the end of the year. 


May 18 2020

A brand is a set of ideas, opinions, associations, emotions, and value characteristics related to a particular product with a high reputation among consumers. At the International Conference on Dependable Systems, Services, and Technologies (DESSERT), Radiy and Radics showed their expertise in creating a successful scientific brand.Andrashov1

Due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, DESSERT 2020 was held online May 14-17 with the theme: "IoT, Big Data and AI for a Safe & Secure World and Industry 4.0.” The event gathered more than 200 authors with 120 articles from 3 continents and 15 countries. The plenary speakers were from leading universities, research centers, and industries in Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Ireland, USA, France, Germany, and Ukraine.

Radiy and Radics representatives presented the following reports: Dr. Anton Andrashov, Radiy Head of the International Projects Department, "Licensing of FPGA-based Safety Platform for NPPs: Challenges and Solutions"; Konstantyn Leontiiev, Radiy Technical Director, "Assumption Modes and Effect Analysis of XMECA: Expert based safety assessment", and Dr. Oleh Odarushchenko, Radics Head of the Verification Department, "Software Fault Insertion Testing for SIL Certification of Safety PLC-Based System".Andrashov

Feb 28 2020

Over the past two decades, Ukrainian power engineering has gone through a complete modernization stage. It concerns both de-commissioning of worn-out equipment and modernization of obsolete power generation facilities as well as a use of breakthrough technologies to create new solutions. Radiy has been involved in the development and production of the new equipment for the modernization of Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plants for over 20 years. The key company principles have always been and continue to be, first and foremost, satisfying customer needs, timeliness and a complete execution of contractual obligations.KTP27

February 26th through 27th, 2020, Radiy successfully performed acceptance tests of transformer substations 1000 and 250 developed and manufactured for South-Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant Power Unit #3. The acceptance testing results entirely confirmed compliance of the substations with all technical requirements, design documentation, specifications, and the Terms and Conditions of the contract. The reason for it continues to be adhering to our first priority  customer satisfaction and success proved by complete meeting of customer requirements. Our company is oriented to strengthen the client relations showing the exceptional professionalism and the loyalty of our specialists.KTP28

Up until today, Radiy has successfully manufactured and supplied 90+ customized high-quality, safe and reliable safety systems for the modernization of Ukrainian NPPs. A total change for the better starts, first of all, with absolute commitment to the customer needs and success and continues with hard work and resiliency of Radiy employees.

Feb 21 2020


During the period of February 19 -21, 2020, Factory Acceptance Tests of the supply set of a Power Supply System of the Reactor Control and Protection System for the Power Unit № 5 of Separated Subdivision "Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant" were completed. This supply set was designed and manufactured in accordance with the approved Terms of Reference for development, manufacture, acceptance and delivery of the Power Supply System of Reactor Control and Protection System for power units № 4 and 5 of the Separated Subdivision "Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant". The acceptance tests were performed at the test site of RPC Radiy involving Customer’s representatives.ZAES1

The test results confirmed the conformity of the Power Supply System of Reactor Control and Protection System for the Power Unit № 5 of Separated Subdivision "Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant" with the criteria and requirements specified in the Terms of Reference. The acceptance committee noted that the system remains operational and functions well in all operating modes provided for in the Terms of Reference. Additionally, it fully complies with the requirements of Ukrainian regulatory documents.ZAES

The system will be shipped to the Customer at the time specified in the Supply Agreement.

RPC Radiy once again confirms its reputation as a reliable supplier of equipment for Ukrainian nuclear power plants.

Feb 06 2020


On February 6th, 2020, RPC Radiy successfully completed acceptance tests of I&C of the Normal Operation System important for safety of the turbine compartment for power unit № 1 of Khmelnitsky Nuclear Power Plant (KhNPP) developed and manufactured according to the Terms of Reference.

All test results confirm compliance of equipment and its components to the applicable codes and standards for radiation safety and requirements of the Terms of Reference. Design, operational and software documentation has been fully developed, and the quality of documentation meets requirements of regulatory documents in force in Ukraine. The next step will be organizing the equipment shipment with the Customer’s participation.PSI02

In addition, during the period of February 3-4, 2020, a special commission conducted acceptance tests of the Level Annunciator Module, which was developed and manufactured according to the Terms of Reference.PSI 04

The tests have confirmed that the technical level and manufacturing quality of the Level Annunciator Module meet the criteria given in the regulatory documents applicable in Ukraine and can be used at the nuclear facilities in Ukraine.PSI045

Jan 13 2020

The development of modern nuclear science is a sphere of enhanced responsibility. The achievements of Radiy’s specialists in the Ukrainian nuclear energy field are of great importance for the global nuclear community development. The Ukrainian government plays an instrumental role in supporting Radiy’s continuous response to increased requirements in nuclear safety and reliability and recognizes its scientific effort results.Siora

Thus, in January 2020 Aleksandr Siora, Ph.D. in Technology, the General Director of  Public Company Research and Production Corporation Radiy and Vyacheslav Kharchenko, the Doctor of Science and the Department Head at Kharkiv National Aerospace University named after N. Zhukovskyi, were rewarded with the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology  in recognition of their  research “Meeting functional safety requirements for critical I&C Systems”.

The candidates were represented by the Ukrainian State Prize Committee and the Reward was granted according to the Decree of the President of Ukraine. Harchenko

Research and development activity is an effort-intensive process which requires abundant expertise, special knowledge and professional competency. The outcomes are rewarding because they open new perspectives for Ukrainian atomic energy development.

Dec 20 2019

Den Energetyka

On December 20, 2019 PC RPC Radiy arranged the award ceremony in its conference center to celebrate the Energy Day. 39 specialists of the company received distinctions, certificates of merit and gratitude for their high professional skills, commitment and efficiency. The General Director of the company, Oleksandr Siora, thanked Radiy engineers for the successful process of RadICS  Platform certification by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). He also said that Radiy’s top management appreciates everybody’s contribution to successful completion of all phases of modernization project at Power Unit 1 of Khmelnitsky NPP. The implementation of advanced software and hardware systems allows to extend the power unit service life and enhance its safety and reliability.Den energety

Every year on December 22 Ukraine celebrates the Energy Day. It is symbolic that the holiday, established in 1993 by Decree of the President of Ukraine № 522/93 to support the initiative of nuclear workers, coincides with the shortest day and the longest night of the year, when the work of power engineers is most valuable.Den energ

Nuclear power for Ukraine is a strategically important element of energy supply: its current and estimated contribution is about 50% of the electricity generated in the country. The successful operation of nuclear energy facilities is one of the necessary conditions for ensuring the national security of the state.

PC RPC Radiy is proud of its team and wishes everybody new achievements.

Dec 13 2019


On December 10- 13,  2019 the commission of PC RPC Radiy carried out acceptance tests  of I&C System supply set of the first channel of Engineered Safety Features Actuation System  (I&C ES FAS-1) for Power Unit 1 of of SS KhNPP . The equipment was designed and manufactured in accordance with terms of reference  “Khmelnitsky NPP, Power Unit  1. I&C System of Engineered Safety Features Actuation System ”.

The results of acceptance tests confirmed the compliance of  I&C ESFAS-1 supply set and its components with the applicable norms, rules and standards for nuclear and radiation safety as well as requirements of UYAISH.468263.042 TZ. The equipment demonstrated its operability and designed functionality in all operating modes provided  in terms of reference. Design, operational and program documentation of the supply set is fully developed in accordance with the requirements of valid national regulatory documents.PSV

The supply set of I&C ES FAS-1will be shipped to the Customer for the modernization of the first channel of Engineered Safety Features Actuation System at Power Unit 1 of SS KhNPP.

Nov 22 2019

International Atomic Energy Agency Logosvg

Application of digital I&C systems in nuclear power plants is an important issue which is being widely discussed at focused IAEA Workshops.

On November 19-22, 2019 The Regional Workshop on the application of digital instrumentation and control systems in nuclear power plant was held in Bucharest, Romania. It was hosted by the Government of Romania through the Nuclear Agency and Radioactive Waste. The purpose of the event was to discuss and share practical aspects and experiences concerning the application of modern I&C systems focusing on areas that are deemed to be challenging, including long term operation, the use of commercial I&C products and computer security issues.

Anton Andrashov- global business development director of Radics LLC- attended the Workshop to meet European utilities and engineering companies and share Radics successful I&C modernization experience.

The main target for the attendance of the Workshop and participation in working technical meetings was to understand the status and plans for Cernavoda NPP, Unit 1 modernization and extension to 30 years operation.

In addition to the Workshop Anton Andrashov manages to make a trip to the NPP site to meet I&C managers and introduce I&C solutions based on RadICS FPGA Platform, certified by the U.S. NRC in July, 2019.

Nov 15 2019


On November 14-15, 2019, Nuclear Industry Assessment Committee (NIAC) held a meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. Over 170 members of the NIAC from the USA, Canada, the EU, and Ukraine took part in it. Radics LLC, represented by  its Quality Director Evgeniy Brezhnev, was among such well-known companies as Framatome Inc, GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, Westinghouse Electric Co., Holtec International Inc., Zachry Nuclear Engineering Inc. and others to visit the Event.NIAC33

Radics LLC is the only company in Ukraine, which is a member of NIAC. The membership provides significant advantages for the development and maintenance of the Quality Management System that complies NQA requirements, which is a mandatory rule to work in the US nuclear market.

As a member of NIAC Radics LLC has an access to:

∙all latest updates of US NRC NQA requirements for I&C suppliers for the US NPPs;

∙QMS bench-marking allowing implementing the principle of continuous quality improvement for company products and services;

∙QMS best practices, approaches, and methods focused on company competitiveness and customer/partner satisfaction improvement.NIAC22jpg

Nov 03 2019

photo 4

Radics – Radiy team joined Kinectrics team and took part in UP 2019 United Way CN Tower Climb, on 3th of November, 2019, Toronto, Canada. The event was organized by #UP4Community with goal to promote the fundraising efforts and create opportunities for a better life for thousands of individuals and families in Canada. That means lifting people from poverty to a life filled with possibility. All participants (more than 5000 participants) were supposed to conquer all 1,776 steps (350 m) in the CN Tower Climb. Radics – Radiy team accepted this challenge and climbed less than for 23 minutes without any stops! Thanks to Kinectrics team for cheering and support!

Oct 11 2019


The assurance of safety is the most important priority when designing and operating a nuclear power plant. As part of this effort, special attention is paid to Instrumentation and Control (I&C) systems due to the critical role they play in ensuring safe operation. Because of their vast experience and continuous training, specialists at Radics are often invited to speak on this topic at international forums.

On October 8-11, Radics delivered two presentations at the IAEA Technical Meeting on the Critical Challenges of Digital I&C Systems at Nuclear Power Plants. This event, held in Budapest, Hungary, brought together 83 representatives from 25 countries. Radics specialists spoke about how the RadICS Platform can be used to improve plant operational efficiency and how FPGA-based solutions can meet digital technology challenges.Budapesht1

Moreover, the 12th International Workshop on Application of Programmable Gate Arrays at Nuclear Power Plants, held on October 14-16, 2019, also in Budapest, Hungary, was one of the important events for both companies Radiy and Radics. The workshop organized by a company SunPort SA with active participation of the host-country MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd, included more than two dozen presentations. Representatives from 14 countries reviewed and discussed the following topics:

  1. Experience of the development and implementation of I&C systems based on FPGA
  2. NRC conclusions on the analysis of FPGA platforms
  3. Harmonization of standards and requirements for reliability and cybersecurity for equipment based on FPGA
  4. Formal methods for security analysis of systems based on FPGA –technology

02 12th FPGA Group Photo

The reports of the Ukrainian companies Radiy and Radics representatives revealed important topics within a framework of the workshop program: “Implementing PID Loop Using FPGA-based Platform: Case Study” and “Demonstration of RadiCS Platform and RPCT”. The final phase of the presentation "Radiy" and "Radics" was a demonstration display of Radics equipment, which was of interest to all participants.

Radics LLC project director Aleksandr Ivasiuk and Radiy technical director Konstantin Leontiiev attended  Technical Workshop on Current Status and Difficulties of I&C Modernization, organized by the Cooperation in Reactor Design Evaluation and Licensing (CORDEL) Working Group of the World Nuclear Association (WNA) in Erlangen, Germany on October 29-31, 2019.

The Workshop served as an international forum for sharing and discussing the current status and challenges on modernization of I&C in nuclear power plants ( NPPs).  The main goals of the Workshop were the following:

∙ share international experience, lessons learned and best practices through presentations and discussions  on I&C modernization at NPPs;

∙ improve understanding of the main  challenges on I&C modernization and how they can be overcomeо;

∙ identify opportunities for harmonized approaches in I&C modernization;

∙ develop of the new CORDEL DICTF paper on I&C Modernization – Current Status and Difficulties;

∙ support the IAEA and World Nuclear Association in defining future activities for I&C applications.

In addition the Workshop introduced Series Reparts and recent DICTF publications, and  reviewed the latest draft of DICTF report on I&C Modernization – Current Status and Difficulties.

Participants from 15 countries made presentations in support of the workshop objectives.  The Radics project director made presentation «FPGA-based solutions to meet digital technology challenges» which demonstrated digital design solutions  to optimize safety systems operation and maintenance. He also provided recommendations based on international practice to use RadICS Platform for I&C safety systems modernization projects.workshop

Sep 27 2019

Certificate ru

From September 10th through 12th, Company “Quality Austria” conducted a recertification audit of the RPC Radiy’s Quality Management System (QMS) in order to determine its evaluation and effectiveness for compliance with requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015.

According to the audit plan, the auditors visited manufacturing departments of the company, as well as the departments of labor protection, fire safety and other subdivisions and services. Conversations were held with the following key Radiy employees: the General Director, the Director of Quality Control and Certification, the Division for Quality System Functioning Control personnel, the Production Director, the Head of Materials Procurement Department, the Human Resource Department staff, and other company managers.

According to the audit results, the auditors highlighted improvements of the company on strategic areas, goals, programs and projects:

  • expanding technological capabilities of the Workshop № 8 by purchasing and implementing a press for universal crimping tips AM-02, a scoring and cutting machine, a color temperature control device and a press of IST AP-K2K with an applicator MKS-L of a manual mechanical press XL- NP 400;
  • three printers T-1000 were purchased and put into operation in the Workshop № 6 for high-quality production of wires and cables of commercial products;
  • implementation of new bright-forming additives of the German manufacturer ATOTESN for electrolyte coating O-Vi in the Workshop №14;
  • a stand has been implemented for functional testing of telescopic steering shafts and angular heads in order to improve quality and reliability of the steering hydromechanics products,

and also noted the strongest points:

  • presence of their own design bureaus;
  • prompt response to market needs and innovative developments;
  • constant modernization of the company infrastructure;
  • highly qualified staff;
  • passing a supplier audit by OPG (Ontario Power Generation, Canada) with positive findings.


Based on the audit results, the auditors concluded the following:

      1. PC RPC Radiy made and implemented an effective QMS to conform with its policies and meet its goals. In accordance with the audit objectives, the auditors confirmed that the company’s QMS meets the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and is being maintained in a working condition.
      2. PC RPC Radiy obtained new certificates for the QMS. They are extending to the design, manufacture, installation, warranty and after-sales service of I&C Systems and fire alarm systems, including systems and equipment important for the safety of nuclear and other power generating stations, energy-saving LED lighting devices and automobile steering units.

The validity period of the obtained certificates for quality management system is until September 14th, 2022.

Sep 11 2019


The main value of any company is its employees. Honouring the employees of PC “RPC Radiy” on the eve of city holidays has become a wonderful tradition. After all, personnel of the company work not only for the benefit of their company, but also for the benefit of their hometown.


On September 11, 2019, the City Council of Kropyvnytskyi hosted the award ceremony, dedicated to the City Festival. Head of Workshop №14, Olga Bugayova, and Head of Workshop №5, Vasiliy Garbar, received Certificates of Appreciation of the City Council and the Executive Committee for their significant contribution to the social and economic development of Kropyvnytskyi, responsibility and persistence performing professional tasks, dedicated work and in observance of the 265th anniversary of the city foundation.

Congratulations, dear colleagues! Keep it up!Garbar

Sep 03 2019


On September 2-3, 2019, at PC “RPC Radiy” testing ground a Hand-Over Acceptance Testing was performed. The testing covered a wide range of Radiy products –  panels  6NPE, 7 NPE, 8 NPE, 9 NPE, НО-5, HZ-13, HZ-15, HK97-2, HK97-3, HK99-1, HK99-2, HZ-16, HZ-16Д, HZ-12, HZ-12D, РО-1, РО-7, cabinets  MD03Z21-3, 1MD01Z01-1, power supply boxes and pull boxes that were designed and manufactured for the SS South Ukraine NPP. These panels and cabinets used for connection of Fire Alarm Control and Indicating Equipment also contain control and indication elements for the external signals. Shafa1According to its type, the panels and cabinets perform the following functions:

  • - switching of Fire Alarm Control and Indicating Equipment to power sources, sensors, annunciators, control elements and actuators of automatic fire alarm;
  • - indication of the status for signals manual transfer to external devices/systems;
  • - audible and optical indication of the incidents. 


The Hand-Over Acceptance Testing results proved the system is compliant with the current Ukrainian Nuclear Radiation Safety rules and standards, and Terms of Reference. The equipment will be installed at the Customer’s site during replacement of the Automatic Fire Alarm at the SS South Ukraine NPP.


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