Jun 27 2018

The key goal of Public Company Research and Production Corporation Radiy is to have its products certified to the highest level. Radiy periodically goes through the certification process to guarantee its products meet the most rigorous international standards for design and manufacture.

Radiy’s main product is the RadICS digital instrumentation and control Platform. The quality of this product has been verified by Ukrainian and international certification audits.

The RadICS Platform was recently subjected to Witness Testing to confirm compliance with the functional safety requirements of IEC 61508. Witness Testing enables engineers and quality assurance personnel to confirm that the test sample meets the required technical parameters. 

This testing was conducted by independent international expert exida.

Witness Testing of the RadICS Platform confirmed that it complies with functional safety requirements required for SIL 3 certification in single channel configuration. This proves that the RadICS Platform has a high level of quality and safety and that the equipment software and hardware design meet all the requirements for SIL 3 certification.

The SIL 3 certificate released by exida was updated based on the Witness Testing results. This stage of RadICS Platform development was finalized by the updated certificate released by exida.

The certificate shows that the RadICS Platform meets the related requirements of IEC 61508:2010 and can be used to design and implement safety systems in accordance with the product Safety Manual requirements. 

The ability to meet the high levels of quality and safety required by the nuclear community is the main advantage of Radiy’s SIL 3 certified products.

May 11 2018

Pursuing the ambitious goal of entering the US nuclear market, Radiy is conducting a procedure for licensing the RadICS Platform for compliance with US NRC requirements.

As part of this process, in April 2018 the stage related to qualifying tests of the RadICS Platform test sample was successfully completed. The tests were conducted in the Kinectrics laboratory, Canada. The quality management system of this lap complies with the requirements of 10 CFR, Appendix B. The test sample was tested for seismic, climatic and electromagnetic stability. The test results confirmed sample’s compliance with the stringent requirements of the US NRC and IEEE and EPRI regulations.

Simultaneously with the qualification tests, the next licensing stage was successfully completed. This included an audit conducted by NRC experts. The aim of the audit was to clarify how effective is the monitoring of the development, manufacturing and quality control of the RadICS Platform. Also there was a need to confirm achieving the required level of safety, reliability and quality. The RadICS Platform passed all tests successfully without additional modifications.

Currently Radiy is at the final stage of licensing the RadICS Platform for US NRC requirements. The completion of the procedure is expected in 2019    at the earliest.

Succesful completion of licensing proves Radiy’s ability to develop and supply ICS according the highest world standards.

Apr 11 2018

In March 29-30 Public Company Research and Production Corporation Radiy held Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) for Power Supply System for Rod Control System of Reactor Control and Protection System (PSS for RCS of RCPS) for Unit 3, Zhaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant.

The main purpose of the FAT was to confirm that the delivery set of the PSS for RCS of RCPS and the technical documentation comply with the regulations and standards for nuclear and radiation safety and the requirements of the Terms of Reference.

There was also a need to clarify the possibility of the PSS for RCS of RCPS shipment to the Customer for use in the modified Power Supply System for Rod Control System of Reactor Control and Protection System for Unit 3, Zhaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant.

Finally the compliance of the PSS for RCS of RCPS with the regulations and standards for nuclear and radiation safety and the requirements of the Terms of Reference was confirmed and stated.  The delivery set maintains its functionality and works correctly in all modes of operation specified in the Terms of Reference.

Soon, the delivery of the PSS for RCS of RCPS will be completed and delivery set will be ready for use at the Unit 3, Zhaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant.

Jan 28 2018

On January 23-24, 2018 specialists from PC RPC Radiy conducted qualification type testing on electric distribution cabinets (EDCs). The focus of the type testing was to verify that the modifications made to the EDC design were both correct and sufficient. The type testing was conducted on 6 types of EDCs designed and manufactured by PC RPC Radiy.

The modifications were made to the original EDC design in order to implement the requirements of regulatory rules NP 306.2.202-2015 and National Operator's standards SOY NAEK 100:2016. The type testing validated that the new EDC design meets these requirements.

The qualification type testing commission included representatives from SS Khmelnitskiy NPP, SS Zaporozhye NPP, South Ukraine NPP, Rovno NPP, Operator of Ukrainian NPPs NNEGC "Energoatom," State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety, and Radiy's specialists.

The type testing results confirmed that all 6 EDCs meet the technical requirements provided in TS Y31.2-14312430-073:2007 and Ukrainian regulations on nuclear radiation and safety.

Dec 04 2017

The end of 2017 has been quite busy as Radiy works to finalize many projects under contract with both Ukrainian and international customers.

During Factory Acceptance Testing on November 28-30, Radiy demonstrated the quality of equipment that was designed and manufactured for Power Unit 3, Rivne NPP – Channel 1 ESFAS.

The FAT commission included representatives from PC RPC Radiy and the customer, SS Rivne NPP, and experts from the State Enterprise “State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety” (SSTC NRS). 

In order to comply with the FAT regulatory requirements, the validation of the ESFAS supply equipment was conducted in two stages.

During the first stage, Radiy’s Quality Management specialists, designers, and manufactures checked stand-alone items and components and then tested the system as a whole.

In the second stage, the FAT commission witnessed integrated testing of ESFAS-1 that was conducted in compliance with approved testing programs and procedures (468263.037 PP1, 468263.037 PP2 and 468263.037 PP3).

The results of the equipment validation during the two stages confirmed that the integrated system as well as its stand-alone items and components meet all the technical requirements identified in Technical Specification (468263.037 ТS). This equipment also complies with the rules and regulations introduced by State Enterprise “State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety” of Ukraine.

The acceptance testing demonstrated that the supply system successfully functions in all the designed operation modes, as required by Technical Specification (468263.037 ТS).

The design documentation and operational manuals submitted to the customer are developed in full-scope and adhere to Ukrainian rules and regulations.

The FAT commission confirmed that the customer will receive a high quality product due to Radiy’s considerable experience in carrying out large-scale projects using the most sufficient technical solutions for safety applications.

The supply set of ESFAS -1 has been delivered to the customer and will soon be commissioned at SS Rivne NPP, Power Unit 3.

Nov 24 2017

In November 21-22 Public Company Research and Production Corporation Radiy held Factory Acceptance Testing for vibration-measuring system VMS-1 according the Company’s Order # 120 dated 17.11.2017. 

The tested equipment was designed and developed for Khmelnitski Nuclear Power Plant. The customer’s representative - chief metrologist -  took part in the FAT and witnessed testing procedures.

Before conducting FAT, VMS-1 was calibrated and preliminary tested in the Company’s testing laboratory to check if it meets all requested technical requirements described in the Technical Specification and its Appendix.

Thus, the lower level of mechanical vibrations, which is specified by the testing vibro-set unit, is now extended from 2 to 1 Hz with the non-linear distortions coefficient of no more than 5%.  Also, the Appendix says that the upper level of the measuring frequency range for vibro-measuring device VMD-1 and  for vibro-measuring multichannel device VMMD-1 extends from 1000 to 2000 Hz with remaining measuring accuracy. That allows to do vibration measuring in a wider frequency range.

The FAT committee confirmed that the tested equipment complies with all requirements, the VMS-1 technical characteristics and its quality meets criteria of Ukrainian regulatory documents.

The approved equipment is going to be sent to the Customer at the end of November, 2017.

Oct 17 2017


In the period of October 11—13, 2017 PC RPC Radiy tested Safety Related Nuclear Island I&C System (NI I&C) that was designed and developed for one of Radiy’s permanent customers -Separate Subdivision Rivne NPP.

The validation of the equipment was conducted in two stages.

At Stage 1Radiy’s Quality Control and Certification Department carried out preliminary component testing, which was followed by the complex functional testing of the entire supply set of safety related NI I&C.


The second Stage of the validation process was carried out by the FAT Committee, which included representatives of the SE NNEGC «Energoatom», State Enterprise «State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety» (SSTC NRS), Rivne Nuclear Power Plant and specialists of RPC Radiy.

The FAT Committee concluded that the tested equipment is in full compliance with the current norms, rules and standards of Nuclear and Radiation Safety and the requirements of the Terms of Reference, developed by Radiy (UYAISH.468263.035 ToR and UYAISH.468263.035 1ToR), based on the Customer’s technical specification.

By the end of October Nuclear Island I&C System will be delivered to the Customer and will be installed to implement modernization plans at Unit 3, Rivne NPP.

Sep 08 2017

Strict quality control of its products has always been one of the main goals of PC “RPC “Radiy”. Thus, the process of improving the existing quality management system (QMS) is paid much attention to both by management, and by all employees.

From August 28, 2017 to August 29, 2017, international company ‘Quality Austria’ conducted the first supervisory audit of the QMS of PC “RPC “Radiy”. The aim of the audit was to confirm that the company’s QMS meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015. The auditors assessed the overall effectiveness of the QA procedures at ‘Radiy’.

According to the audit plan, ‘Quality Austria’ specialists visited the key workshops, where the nuclear products are assembled, tested and packed. In addition the auditors attended Steering Hydromechanics Plant, as well as the office of the Chief Power Engineer, Safety and Fire Protection Department, etc. The auditors were able to have productive discussions with the heads of the Design Bureau of Physical Processes Analysis, Marketing Department, Human Resource Department, Quality Control and Certification Department, and so on.

Summing up the audit results, the experts highlighted the strengths of Radiy’s QMS development: the expansion of the product range, the continuous production update, highly qualified, competent personnel that is involved in the development of QMS, as well as the infrastructure of the company.

The ‘Quality Austria’ confirmed that the QMS fully complies with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015.

The validity of certificates No. 16989/1 and No. 16989/4 dated September 21, 2016 was successfully extended.

Sep 04 2017

The developing company ‘RadICS’ in cooperation with its main partner PC ‘RPC Radiy’ continues improving its quality management system (QMS). The leadership of the company pays special attention to this process, since it is considered that the reasonavle and competent management of the products quality is the key to success.

 On August 30, 2017, the first supervisory audit of RadICS quality management system was conducted by ‘Quality Austria’, the representative of IQNet and the main certification authority in Austria, a member of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF). The purpose of the audit was to confirm that RadICS QMS complies with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015.

The auditors noted RadICS’s praiseworthy aspiration to continuous improvement. They were satisfied with dymnamics of the quality management system development, employees’ qualification improvement, and succesful implementation of quality procedures, while promoting the company in the international market. The audit confirmed the certification of the company's QMS.

Jul 16 2017

RPC Radiy representatives participated in 25th International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE) that was held in Shanghai, China, on July 2-7 (http://icone25.org). This conference is being attended by world experts on nuclear engineering from industry and science. It’s a key event for information exchange on finding solutions to existing nuclear engineering tasks and, in particular, on enhancements of information and control systems for nuclear power plants.


RPC Radiy specialists participated in workshop on probability safety assessment and severe accidents, chaired section on reliability, security and safety assessment, and presented report «Operating Reliability Assessment of FPGA-based NPP I&C Systems: Approach, Technique and Implementation».


Jun 19 2017

June 14 through 15, RPC Radiy specialists participated in the first Global Cybersecurity Summit, which took place in the exhibition center called “Parkovyi” in Kiev. This was the first high level summit in the Ukrainian history, where the exhibition, experts’ presentations and panel discussions that contained topics related to relevant industrial cybersecurity issues, as well as formation and application of new Information Technology to resolve local and regional security problems were all organized and concentrated at the same site.

The summit gave participants (representatives from government institutions, scientific schools, non-commercial organizations and small and medium businesses) the opportunity to get familiar with the advanced practices, achievements and innovations in the areas such as Internet of Things (IoT) and protection from cyberthreats at industrial facilities.

At the summit opening, participated the following individuals: the former US Deputy Secretary of State and former Deputy National Security Advisor Antony Blinken, the former US Deputy Secretary of National Defense and the current US National Security Program Director Susan Spalding and the DIUX Pentagon Silicon Valley office partner Christopher Kirchhoff.

Company Radiy was introduced as a developer of secure cyber-protected industrial applications for NPPs as well as for thermal power facilities. Our colleagues were involved in organizing and leading panel discussions. They also presented RadICS digital platform and solutions used to increase cybersecurity of industrial applications developed on the platform basis.

Educational and scientific institutions as well as representatives from “Ukroboronprom” showed a significant interest in our company’s products.

Mar 24 2017


A training programme for EdF specialists on the new features of the RadICS platform

    PC “RPC Radiy” considers cooperation with EdF specialists as an important part of work on improving the RadICS platform.

    Thus, from March 20 to 23, 2017, in Chatou, France, Radiy’s I&C designers were working with their colleagues from EdF. Radiy’s specialists upgraded the hardware of the RadICS platform and enabled EdF R&D department personnel to continue testing and learning the FPGA-based platform’s characteristics. Also, during the visit, Radiy conducted a training, which presented new features of the modernized platform. The training was followed by the round-table meeting, where designers of both companies discussed the issues of the RadICS platform software functioning, and also talked about the prospects of cooperation.

Mar 16 2017


Рабочая встреча с представителями Honey Well International    PC “RPC Radiy” has been in a continuous search for optimal solutions, which could improve the manufacturing process and enhance cooperation with international partners — components and material suppliers. Selection of potential suppliers and their approval requires conducting audits and arranging working meetings, as well as providing suppliers with a possibility to get familiarized with the features of the customer’s production.

Thus, on March 16, 2017 PC “RPC Radiy” had a technical meeting with Honeywell International to discuss perspective cooperation in the production of fire safety systems (FSS). Honeywell representatives were particularly interested in the specifics of qualification testing in Ukraine, and also in the manufacturing features of FSS to identify how Honeywell’s sensors can be used in Radiy’s products.

Radiy’s specialists spoke about new technological capabilities and manufacturing innovations of the company. The technical meeting outlined the prospects for joint work between PC “RPC Radiy” and Honeywell International. It has been decided that in the future collaboration between both companies will involve not only sales managers, but also equipment developers.

Nov 21 2016

November 14-21 2016 Radiy’s key engineer/technical director was invited to take part in the IAEA Consultancy Meeting on Independent Engineering Review of I&C Systems (IERICS) in Beijing, China.

IERICS mission was established in 2009 with the aim of conducting peer reviews of I&C design documents, prototype I&C systems, and actual systems already deployed in operating NPPs. The IERICS mission is usually performed by a group of invited subject matter experts from various IAEA Member States. The review is based on IAEA documents, such as Safety Guides and Nuclear Energy Series Reports. The findings are summarized in a mission report, which usually includes a list of recommendations, suggestions, and identified good practices. Organizations in IAEA Member States, such as utilities, regulators, technical support organizations, research laboratories and universities can benefit from I&C technical reviews through IERICS Missions that provide a detailed technical assessment on I&C systems, as well as recommendations for improvement.

This time the IERICS review mission was requested by CNCS and was performed by a team of world known technical experts.

After making a detailed review of the CNCS products the IERICS Mission Group released a review report that presents a detailed assessment of the platform components and provides a list of recommendations and suggestions for further improvements. Good practices identified during the review mission were also listed in the mission report.

Oct 07 2016

9 th FPGA WorkshopOctober  3rd through 6th 2016 Radiy’s designers and top management visited Lyon, France, to participate in the work of an annual International Workshop on Application of Field Programmable Gate Arrays in Nuclear Power Plants. The Workshop  was hosted by EDF SEPTEN and turned out to be an excellent opportunity to discuss different aspects of FPGA: technology advantages,  FPGA-based platforms, installation experience and licensing challenges.

Due to their experience in design, manufacturing and supply of FPGA-based I&C systems, Radiy’s representatives were invited to run workshop panel discussion «Development tools and processes for FPGA applications,»  They also made two structured presentations:  «Evolution of safety design approaches: Radiy’s experience» and «Certification of RadICS platform as per US NRC requirements».  

The Event brought together a diverse international group of utilities, academia, regulatory, engineering and research organizations from different countries.

The next FPGA meeting is scheduled for November 2017 and is going to be hosted by a Korean company.

Sep 30 2016

Grenoble 2016September 27-30, 2016 Radiy specialists took part in Technical Meeting on Architectural Approaches in the Design of NPP Instrumentation and Control Systems which was held in Grenoble, France. The Event was organized by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and served as an international forum for sharing best practices and strategies to use in the design process of digital I&C systems for NPPs. Also, it was an excellent opportunity to discuss the challenges and issues that need to be resolved in this area.

Another focus of the meeting was to review the draft version of a new IAEA report entitled: Architectural Approaches in the Design of Nuclear Power Plant Instrumentation and Control Systems.

Radiy representatives enthusiastically participated in discussions and shared their experience on evolution of safety design approaches.

Sep 09 2016

RadICS CertificatePC RPC Radiy is actively developing business relationships with many companies while developing and promoting its products on national and foreign nuclear markets. Limited Liability Company (LLC) Research and Production Corporation (RPC) Radics is  Radiy’s key partner planning to supply safety critical I&C systems for nuclear facilities  globally.

In order to be fully qualified as a supplier Radics is required to conform to multiple local and international standards. As a first step, Quality Management System (QMS) of Radics was audited by Quality Austria (representative of IQNet and a member of International Accreditation Forum (IAF) on September 8-9, 2016. The scope of certification included design, development, testing, customer support training, installation, commissioning, maintenance, modifications of digital instrumentation and control safety systems for nuclear power plants.

Radiy is pleased to announce that Radics successfully passed the QMS certification. The next step is for our partner company to complete the US NRC licensing process. Once licensed Radics will become a valuable asset on the global nuclear market.

Sep 01 2016

On August 29 – September 1, 2016, a joint committee consisting of Radiy, NNEGC Energoatom, SS South-Ukraine NPP, SS Zaporizhzhya NPP, SS Khmelnytska NPP and SS Rivne NPP carried out Factory Acceptance Tests for Single-Turn Electric Actuators (STEA). The STEA equipment is manufactured by Steering Hydromechanics Plant (SHMP) of PC RPC Radiy.

The Single-Turn Electric Actuators were tested using a certified self-manufactured test bench according to the criteria of Ukrainian regulatory requirements and manufacturer specification. Development and testing of STEA is the result of joint work of several design bureaus of PC RPC Radiy. The equipment presented for FAT is manufactured on modern high-precision flexible machines with computer-based control technology.

STEA is designed to shift regulating units in automatic process control systems according to the command signals of automatic regulating and control devices in the safety systems of NPPs. This equipment can also be used in thermal power plants, hydroelectric power stations, mining and processing plants, steel mills, oil refineries, food processing and chemical industries, as well as for municipal services.

The high quality applied in the design, manufacturing and assembling processes of the equipment guarantees a 20-year operational lifetime.

Sep 01 2016

August 29 – September 1, 2016 Radiy carried out Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) of Switchgear and Controlgear Assemblies and Single-Turn Electric Actuators.

The FAT Committee concluded that Radiy’s Switchgear and Controlgear Assemblies for Unit 3, Rivne NPP are in full compliance with technical and regulatory requirements.

The new generation of electro-technical equipment at Unit 3, Rivne NPP allows for:

  • reception, distribution and conversion of alternating and direct currents;
  • execution of relay protection and automation functions;
  • control automation of technical equipment for production, transmission and use of electrical energy.

The consensus of Radiy’s engineers and user’s specialists on the competitive advantages of Switchgear and Controlgear equipment produced by Radiy are:

  • diagnostic control of hardware and monitoring of power distribution devices (assembly) critical parameters;
  • placement of eight removable control units in the universal fields that provide quick reconfiguration of Switchgear and Controlgear assembly and its high maintainability;
  • the use of technical solutions and components which have successfully passed testing at NPPs.
Jun 30 2016

Opening of the monument to Taras ShevchenkoOn June 30, 2016 a opening ceremony was held for the monument to Taras Shevchenko was held in Sofia, Bulgaria. Participants included the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko and President of Bulgaria, Rosen Plevneliev.

During the speech at the opening ceremony the President of Ukraine said that Shevchenko monument embodies the image of Ukraine today - young, energetic, which tends to Europe: “Shevchenko’s ​​word unites Ukrainian nationals around the whole world, it is an inexhaustible source of our energy and national idea.”

The monument was erected in the center of the city, on Reneissance Square, near the Administration of the President of Bulgaria and the House of Government. It includes national symbols of Ukraine – snowball tree as the personification of Ukraine, and rushnyk (a ritual cloth embroidered with symbols and cryptograms) as the embodiment of the image of life and spiritual experience of the Ukrainian nation. The image of the young poet was immortalized in bronze by sculptor Igor Grechanik by the order of Radiy’s Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Eugenii Bakhmach, who is a famous patron and supporter of Ukrainian community in the development of socio-cultural values.

The monument to Ukrainian national poet in Bulgaria opened a new page in the history of successful partnerships between the two countries.


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