Mar 28 2016

InterbuildexpoOn March 23-26, 2016 Radiy specialists took part in the International INTERBUILDEXPO exhibition held in Kiev, Ukraine.

INTERBUILDEXPO is one of the largest exhibitions in Eastern Europe and is the main building forum in Ukraine. The four (4) days event was held in the exhibition area of ​​over 20,000 m2 and was attended by over 500 domestic and international companies. Roughly 1,000 brands were represented at the exhibition. The focus of the forum was connecting business leaders and construction industry professionals with energy-efficient solutions.

At INTERBUILDEXPO, visitors were introduced to Radiy’s energy efficient products: SES series street and industrial LED luminaires, PSS series office LED luminaires, USS series universal LED luminaires, LED spotlights and architectural lighting.

Radiy also unveiled a new product – an industrial LED luminaire with compulsory cooling, which is specially designed for high temperature environments.

Mar 23 2016

LightBuilding 2016On March 18-23, 2016 RPC Radiy specialists took part in the world’s leading lighting trade fair “Light + Building 2016”, which was held in Frankfurt, Germany.

This year, the Frankfurt event received 2,589 exhibitors from 55 countries who introduced their new products to the world market. A total of 220 000 trade visitors from 160 countries including Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, France and others, made their way to the Exhibition Centre in Frankfurt am Main to discover innovative solutions and new products.

At the exhibition Radiy demonstrated  LED luminaires which have higher energy efficiency than similar samples produced by other world manufacturers. Radiy’s exhibits varied from indoor luminaires for offices, production and sales premises to outdoor luminaires for streets, stadiums and various open areas.

Feb 16 2016

On February 12-16, 2016 Global Quality Assurance, a North American quality consultant arranged and delivered training on the overview of Reg. Guide 1.28 rev 4, 10CFR 50 Appendix B, NQA-1-1994/ 2008/2009a, 10 CFR 21 for Radiy specialists  involved in design, manufacturing, integration and supply of I&C for nuclear applications.

The training focused on the differences between revisions 3 and 4 of Reg. Guide 1.28. The participants also looked into the key-features of NQA-1 2008/2209a including Part II, Subparts 2.7 and 2.14.

The training is a part of Radiy’s strategy to ensure designers working with I&C better understand the requirements of regulations established by the US NRC.

Nov 27 2015

FAT of Unitized Transformer SubstationOn November 25-27, 2015, Radiy successfully carried out Factory Acceptance Tests of Unit Transformer Substations KTP-1000-1 and KTP-1000-2, designed and manufactured by Radiy for Zaporizhzhya NPP, which will be installed in terms of expansion project of open switchgear of 750 kV.

KTP-1000-1 and 1000-2-KTP are designed for reception, conversion and distribution of three-phase alternating electric currents of 50 Hz frequency at nuclear, thermal and hydroelectric power plants.

The advantages of the Unit Transformer Substations are:
- convenient for maintenance and temperature control location of busbars;
- minimal use of electromechanical relays;
- logic is implemented on microprocessor modules, which increases the reliability of the product.

According to the results of Factory Acceptance Tests, the Committee, which included experts from Zaporizhzhya NPP and RPC Radiy, concluded that the equipment is in full compliance with regulatory and technical requirements.

Nov 20 2015

FAT of Low Voltage Electrical Switchboards 2The Electrotechnical Design Bureau develops new safety enhancing equipment for nuclear and thermal power plants.

On November 19-20, 2015, Radiy carried out Acceptance Tests of low voltage electrical open switchboards 750prototypes for Zaporizhzhya NPP.

Low voltage electrical open switchboards are designed for:

  • reception, distribution and conversion of alternating and direct currents;
  • execution of relay protection and automation functions;
  • control automation of technical equipment for production, transmission and use of electrical energy.

The switchboards were designed in accordance with client specifications using the latest equipment from world-class producers.

The Committee, consisting of specialists from the State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety, Rivne NPP, South-Ukraine NPP, Zaporizhzhya NPP and Radiy, concluded that the equipment meets regulatory and technical requirements.

Nov 13 2015

8th International Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency ForumOn November 10-13, 2015, Radiy specialists participated in VIII International Trade Fair Energy Efficiency  Renewable Energy - 2015, which took place in Kiev, Ukraine.

Energy efficiency and saving is under close attention in all branches of the national economy, making this exhibition the largest event in the industry.

More than 350 companies from 17 countries - Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, the USA and Ukraine demonstrated their products.

Particular attention was paid to LED lighting - the most promising branch of the lighting industry. A number of companies, including RPC Radiy, exhibited new products in this field.
Radiy presented modern energy-saving LED lighting for different applications, including a line of innovative lighting fixtures, based on LED matrices.

During the exhibition, products and services were introduced to specialists from various industries including energy, construction, designers, architects and utilities.

Nov 11 2015

Switchgear FATOn October 9 -11, 2015 Radiy carried out Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) of Switchgear and Controlgear Assemblies for the second and the third Safety Systems of Unit 2, South-Ukraine NPP, Ukraine.

The FAT Committee concluded that Radiy’s Switchgear and Controlgear Assemblies are in full compliance with technical and regulatory requirements. The equipment will be supplied and installed as per the terms and conditions of the contract.

South-Ukraine NPP is the leading power enterprise of Ukraine that actively uses Radiy equipment for enhancement of NPP safety,  operation life extention and optimization of plant performance.

The new generation of electro-technical equipment at Unit 2, South-Ukraine NPP allows for:

  • reception, distribution and conversion of alternating and direct currents;
  • execution of relay protection and automation functions;
  • control automation of technical equipment for production, transmission and use of electrical energy.


The main competitive advantages of Switchgear and Controlgear equipment are:

  • diagnostic control of hardware and monitoring of power distribution devices (assembly) critical parameters;
  • placement of eight removable control units in the universal fields that provide quick reconfiguration of Switchgear and Controlgear assembly and its high maintainability;
  • the use of technical solutions and components which have successfully passed testing at NPPs.


Oct 30 2015

Factory Acceptance Tests of Data Acquisition and Display equipmentOn October 30, 2015 RPC Radiy carried out Factory Acceptance Tests of Data Acquisition and Display equipment. This equipment is used as part of the Automatic Emergency Early Detection System designed to monitorand  generate commands and notifications when there is a threat of emergency. The data acquisition and display equipment will be used for the construction of geographic information system for continuous remote monitoring of geotechnical condition of rock mass in mine "Artem-1", РJSC "ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih, Kryvyi Rih”, Ukraine.

The FAT Committee concluded that Radiy’s Data acquisition and display equipment is in full compliance with technical and regulatory requirements.

RPC Radiy’s Physical Processes Analysis Design Bureau researches, develops and actively works to expand the use and implementation of products in niche industrial markets. The Data Acquisition and Display equipment will be used for gaining geographic information in mines, on bridges and piers, and in buildings.

Oct 16 2015

8th FPGA Workshop presentationThe 8th International Workshop on the Application of Field Programmable Gate Arrays in Nuclear Power Plants held its annual meeting of 2015 in Shanghai, China on October 13-16. Hosted by the State Nuclear Power Automation System Engineering Corporation and organized in cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency and the China Atomic Energy Agency, this specifically focused professional meeting provided FPGA supporters – I&C designers, vendors, regulators, scientists and operation personnel – with the opportunity to see the progress in the FPGA technology development and the current status of FPGA-based applications in nuclear facilities around the world.

The agenda of the 4-day workshop included technical presentations, panel discussions and exhibition, all of which Radiy used to the utmost by sharing our experience in operation and maintenance of FPGA-based applications in Ukraine, Bulgaria and Argentina, by discussing licensing and certification issues of FPGA-based platform and applications, and exploring the issues of V&V and testing for FPGA development process.

Extensive discussions of various FPGA aspects indicate that the technology has gained more confidence by a growing number of FPGA-based installations where Radiy definitely has a leading position.

The Shanghai Workshop was also the opportunity to see long-time friends and colleagues, to catch up on the latest news and develop new business opportunities.

Oct 16 2015

Energy Expo 2015On October 13-16, 2015 RPC Radiy specialists participated in the XX Anniversary Belarusian Energy and Ecology Forum, which was held in Minsk, Belarus.

The highlights of the forum included:
- XX International specialized exhibition "Energy. Ecology. Energy saving. Electro";
- X specialized exhibition "Water & Air Technologies";
- XI specialized exhibition of lighting equipment "EXPOLIGHT";
- VII International Exhibition and Conference "ATOMEXPO Belarus";
- I International Exhibition and Conference "Ekspogorod-2015";
- XX Belarusian Energy and Ecology Congress.

This forum was attended by more than 320 companies and organizations from 16 countries.

Representing Ukraine, RPC Radiy demonstrated the potential to develop and manufacture safety control systems for nuclear power plants based on the new generation of FPGA-based RadICS Digital Instrumentation and Control (I&C) Platform.

Oct 15 2015

SEF 2015 KyivOn October 14-15, 2015 RPC Radiy specialists participated in the 7th International Sustainable Energy Forum in Ukraine «SEF-2015 Kyiv».

In recent years, the Forum adopted its status as the main business event in the field of sustainable energy, gathering in one site all the key players in the fields of energy efficiency, renewable energy and alternative fuels.

At the Forum’s «SEF-2015 Kyiv» Trade Fair technical solutions and equipment to ensure independent power supply for companies, real estate items, human settlements and private households were demonstrated.

At the Exhibition, Radiy demonstrated the latest LED energy-saving lighting with increased efficiency and reduced power consumption.

Oct 05 2015

Agro Expo 2015On October 1-3, 2015 Radiy specialists participated in the National Agricultural Exhibition AGROEXPO-2015in Kirovograd, Ukraine.

The exhibition  is one of the largest events in the field of agricultural engineering and technology. The exhibition was opened by the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, Oleksiy Pavlenko.

More than 400 companies involved in the agricultural industry participated. The exhibition was visited by more than 20 thousand people, including manufacturers of agricultural machinery, representatives of the largest engineering companies, top managers of foreign and domestic agricultural corporations, and experts in the field of agro-industrial complex of international level.

Pokrovsky Fair, a cultural and entertainment event, was held as part of the exhibition. The fair had mini-regional exhibits, contests, refreshments, performances by creative groups and masters of arts and crafts from all over Ukraine.

RPC Radiy exhibited modern energy-efficient LED lighting, which recently gained wide popularity in the agricultural sector. The lamps boast improved reliability and durability of lighting systems in addition to reducing power consumption by 3-5 times.

Sep 24 2015

International Trade Fair Power Engineering for Industry 2015On September 22-24, 2015 Radiy specialists took part in the XIII International Trade Fair Power Engineering for Industry - 2015 and presented modern technologies and solutions for the energy industry.

The exhibition is an annual event held in cooperation with the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and under the authority of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine. Latest achievements in the field of power equipment production, power engineering, automation and other technologies in the industry were featured at the event.

For many years Power Engineering for Industry has been the main meeting place for the heads of relevant government agencies, utility companies, industry experts, academics, manufacturers of power and electrical equipment, energy production enterprises in various industries, construction, design, installation and electrical companies, municipal infrastructure and others.

Top executives and officials from the state were in attendance at the opening of the exhibition to show appreciation for the professional level of the event.

After the opening ceremony the guests of honor familiarized themselves with the exhibition, which was represented by more than 110 leading domestic and foreign energy and electrical equipment companies.

Sep 18 2015

LED Expo 2015On September 16-18, 2015 Radiy specialists participated in the second international exhibition LED Expo 2015 and the conference LED Progress, in Kyiv.

All of the most active manufacturers, importers and distributors of LED products, both domestic and international, gathered at the KyivExpoPlaza exhibition center.

The event provided an opportunity to the exhibitors and visitors to get acquainted with the latest trends and technologies of the lighting industry. During the exhibition, a large LED Progress conference was held, in attendance were representatives of academia, business leaders and government agencies. The conference participants were able to learn about novelties of the industry, share their experience with colleagues, and participate in seminars highlighting current trends of the LED lighting market.

Radiy’s booth featured the latest innovative technological solutions and developments from the Lighting Group.

Sep 10 2015

SIL3 certificate 2On September 10, 2015 exida, the industry leader in certification, issued the updated RAD 1406037 C001 Certificate to include Radiy’s RadICS FPGA-Based Safety Controller (FSC). The FSC was assessed and met the relevant IEC 61508:2010, parts 1-7 requirements.

The Functional Safety Assessment performed by exida consisted of the following:

- assessment of the development process used by RPC Radiy;

- review and assessment of the detailed Failure Modes, Effects, and Diagnostic Analysis (FMEDA) of the devices; and

- review of the manufacturing quality system in use at RPC Radiy.

The updated Certificate covers the Logic Module (LM), Analog Input Module (AIM), Discrete Input Module (DIM), Discrete Output Module (DOM), Analog Input for Neutron Flux Measurement Module (AIFM) and the FSC. The RAD 1406037 C001 Certificate acknowledges that the covered components:

- meet IEC 61508 requirements;

- provide Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3; and

- can be used for the design and development of SIL 3 level applications.

The exida Certification entitles RPC Radiy, as the manufacturer of the RadICS platform, to use the Functional Safety Logo.

Please click here to view exida’s Assessment Report.

Sep 04 2015

DSC07009On September 03-04, 2015 Radiy carried out Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) of Switchgear and Controlgear Assemblies for the first Safety System of Unit 2, South-Ukraine NPP, Ukraine.

The FAT Committee concluded that Radiy’s Switchgear and Controlgear Assemblies are in full compliance with technical and regulatory requirements. The equipment will be supplied and installed as per the terms and conditions of the contract.

Sep 04 2015

DSC04343 1On 3 September, 2015 Radiy’s Physical Processes Analysis Design Bureau held demonstrations of the new Automatic Emergency Early Detection System for representatives of the Capital Construction Department from the South-Ukraine NPP. Among the viewers were fire safety specialists and members of departmental oversight from the South-Ukraine NPP and hydrocascade controllers from Tashlyk Hydro-Accumulating Power Station. Different types of sensors were represented, including seismic and inclination (surveying) sensors DSI-2, water proximity sensor and rotation velocity sensor with processing unit. Data acquisition and display equipment was also presented.

The discussion was centered on the design and positional layout of the sensors within the controls of the Automatic Emergency Early Detection System and the possibility of additional anti-vandal sensor placement. At the conclusion of the presentation, it was decided to implement an Automatic Emergency Early Detection System for trial operation at the South-Ukraine NPP to assess its effectiveness for potential future supply to the Tashlyk Hydro-Accumulating Power Station.

Aug 25 2015

CE Certificate for LED LuminairesOn August 24, 2015 Radiy’s LED luminaires were certified to the Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC and EMC Directive 2004/108/EC requirements and meet the New Approach to Technical Harmonisation and Standards within the European Union (EU). This certifies that Radiy lighting products can bear the CE Marking and that the equipment is safe, reliable and environmentally friendly.

The luminaires and floodlights designed by Radiy’s Lighting Projects Design Bureau for indoor and outdoor lighting have earned a great reputation throughout Ukraine for their technical characteristics, high quality and competitive value. While the range of manufactured luminaires is constantly growing, the Lighting Projects Design Bureau ensures that all products meet mandatory requirements and are certified according to DSTU CISPR 15:2007; DSTU EN 61000-3-3:2004; DSTU IEC 61000-3-2:2004; DSTU IEC 61547-2001; DSTU IEC 60598-1:2014; DSTU IEC 60598-2-1: 2002; DSTU IEC 60598-2-2: 2007; DSTU EN 60598-2-3:2014.

Jul 23 2015

DSC06120On July 21-23, 2015 PC RPC Radiy successfully carried out Acceptance Tests of the Unit Transformer Substation prototype to meet the design requirements of U27.1-14312430-104: 2014 Unit transformer substations technical specification.

In pursuing further advancement, Radiy has developed Unit Transformer Substations for receiving, transforming and distributing three-phase alternating current electric energy with the frequency of 50 Hz for application in nuclear, thermal and hydroelectric power plants.

The Committee, consisting of Radiy, NNEGC Energoatom, SS South-Ukraine NPP, SS Zaporizhzhya NPP, SS Khmelnytska NPP representatives and State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety (SSTC NRS) research engineers concluded, as a result of the Acceptance Tests, that the equipment fully complies with the Ukrainian regulatory requirements.

The equipment will be supplied to nuclear power plants in Ukraine and Europe.

Jul 14 2015

P1140738On July 14, 2015, PC RPC Radiy representatives met with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission of the United States (U.S. NRC) in Rockville, United States, as part of the certification process of the RadICS FPGA-based platform. The purpose of meeting was (1) to present technical information about the RadICS platform and planning information about RadICS Topical Report submittal, and (2) to receive NRC’s feedback on the RadICS platform features and the overall licensing plan and schedule.

The detailed discussions included the following areas: features of the RadICS digital I&C platform and its development process; RadICS quality management system and licensing program; Commercial grade dedication plan and qualification plan.

The next meeting is scheduled for November 2015 to discuss project status and specific certification questions.

With Radiy’s accomplished experience in the development of FPGA-based Instrumentation & Control systems and continued success in local and international modernization projects, Radiy is pursuing further advancement and a higher level of reliability and security.

The successful certification of the RadICS FPGA-Based Safety Controller (FSC) confirmed that the RadICS platform can reach safety integrity level (SIL) 3 in a single channel. Currently, Radiy is assessing the RadICS platform for compliance with US NRC requirements.


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