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Quality is Our Priority

The key goal of Public Company Research and Production Corporation Radiy is to have its products certified to the highest level. Radiy periodically goes through the certification process to guarantee its products meet the most rigorous international standards for design and manufacture.

Radiy’s main product is the RadICS digital instrumentation and control Platform. The quality of this product has been verified by Ukrainian and international certification audits.

The RadICS Platform was recently subjected to Witness Testing to confirm compliance with the functional safety requirements of IEC 61508. Witness Testing enables engineers and quality assurance personnel to confirm that the test sample meets the required technical parameters. 

This testing was conducted by independent international expert exida.

Witness Testing of the RadICS Platform confirmed that it complies with functional safety requirements required for SIL 3 certification in single channel configuration. This proves that the RadICS Platform has a high level of quality and safety and that the equipment software and hardware design meet all the requirements for SIL 3 certification.

The SIL 3 certificate released by exida was updated based on the Witness Testing results. This stage of RadICS Platform development was finalized by the updated certificate released by exida.

The certificate shows that the RadICS Platform meets the related requirements of IEC 61508:2010 and can be used to design and implement safety systems in accordance with the product Safety Manual requirements. 

The ability to meet the high levels of quality and safety required by the nuclear community is the main advantage of Radiy’s SIL 3 certified products.

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