Limited Liability Company “Trading House “Radiy” wins bids to offer innovative energy saving lightning technologies

The bid was announced by Zhitomir municipal company “Misksvitlo” in the summer of 2018 and on September 24, the winner was announced according to all bid disclosure procedures.

The innovative energy saving lightning technologies

The tender package contains the detailed description of the order: Zhitomir municipal company requires 2070 streetlights of 20 Watts, 1160 items of 30 Watts, 2040 items of 50 Watts, 1736 items of 70 Watts, and 194 items of 120 Watts. A total of 7200 streetlights at an amount totaling 25 million UAH. The streetlights are scheduled to be supplied in several stages during 2018-2019.

The meeting minutes of the tender package opening procedure were published on September 28, 2018 and mentioned several companies who took part in the bid, “Trading House “Radiy” included. The opportunity was given to “Radiy” due to its efficient technical proposal and favorable price vs quality ratio.

The innovative energy saving lightning technologies

Once the streetlights are supplied, Zhitomir will have advanced technical products which will allow them to save considerable money on street lighting.

Zhitomir will be the first city in Europe to replace all streetlights with “smart” LEDs functioning as a system of power supply light control.

“Trading House “Radiy” meets the requirements of international standards, has considerable experience in using best industrial practices, works with reliable suppliers, and guarantees high quality products.


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