Seismic safety: preliminary tests of a seismic sensor

Seismic safety is an important part of national security. In order to increase the reliability of strategic assets, a number of technical and organizational solutions are being implemented during the design phase. These solutions are designed to increase the safety of personnel and the environment. Particular attention is paid to devices important to ensuring the safety of nuclear power plants. Seismic devices are designed, produced, and placed to withstand extreme mechanical, thermal, chemical, and other effects, as well as various kinds of extreme natural phenomena (earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, etc).

PC "RPC Radiy" produces seismic sensors (SS-1-1) which are designed to operate as part of the seismic protection program of buildings and structures. The main function of seismic sensors produced by PC “RPC Radiy” is the protection of nuclear power facilities from possible adverse seismic effects. The SS-1-1 sensor provides analog and discrete signals that alarm when a given level of seismic activity is exceeded.  These sensors identify and record changes to the static slopes of buildings and foundations.

On 10-11 October 2018, the Radiy acceptance commission conducted acceptance tests of seismic sensors SS-1-1 at the facilities of PC “RPC Radiy.” The purpose of the acceptance test was to confirm that the SS-1-1 sensors and the developed documentation comply with the current regulatory requirements. The test results and documentation provided by PC "RPC Radiy" are sufficient and comply with the regulatory documentation on nuclear and radiation safety in force in Ukraine.


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