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On October 9-12, the XV International Specialized Exhibition “Arms and Safety - 2018” took place in Kiev.  This event brought together 456 participants from both state and private sectors of the Ukrainian defense industry and 47 leading international companies from 17 countries, including the USA, Pakistan, Poland, Turkey, Austria, The Czech Republic, and others.
Wheeled armored personnel carrier - 4MB1

The Exhibition, which coincided with the Defender of Ukraine Day, showcased the best examples of armament and military equipment. The topic of armament is especially important to the Ukrainian army today and Ukrainian companies are expected to have a leading role in providing the Ukrainian army with the most advanced military equipment.

PC RPC Radiy’s Steering Hydromechanics Plant director Oleg Sirenko and deputy director Vladislav Kit attended the exhibition and introduced items manufactured by the plant for the Ukrainian military, including:

Operative tactical missile complex Grom-2

- wheeled armored car "Dozor-B",
- wheeled armored personnel carrier "Triton",
- wheeled amphibious armored personnel carrier "Varan",
- wheeled armored personnel carrier - 4MB1, and
- operative tactical missile complex "Grom-2".

The specialists of the Steering Hydromechanics Plant realize the importance of their contribution to the production of advanced military equipment and they work to continuously develop innovative technologies and to improve product quality.


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