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NPP Fire Safety Assurance is Radiy’s First Priority

SPSOn July 29, 2019, RPC Radiy commission held a hand-over acceptance testing of the Fire Safety System SPS 1-18 for SS Zaporizhia NPP Power Unit No.5.

The Fire Safety System SPS 1 is designed to ensure fire security of the personnel, buildings, constructions, process equipment at NPPs, industrial companies and other facilities by means of fire source early detection, signaling to the operating personnel, and, if necessary, command generation to control the gas and water fire-fighting systems, air ventilation and conditioning systems, fire alarm system, temperature monitoring system etc.

SPS 1 system has a modular structure and self-diagnostics system ensuring fast defect identification without intervention in SPS 1 functioning. Failure detection function operates as accurately as hardware module or addressable fire detector. SPS 1 mean lifetime is at least 30 years of continuous 24/7 operation.

The hand-over acceptance testing proved compliance of SPS1-18 system with all required regulatory documents and its applicability for shipment to the Customer’s site and intended use.SPS1

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