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Three Sets of Equipment Successfully Delivered to Customers


PC “RPC Radiy” is a leading manufacturer of equipment for nuclear power plants in Ukraine. Performing acceptance tests according to the supply plan is a mandatory procedure.


In late August 2019, the approved expert commissions performed acceptance tests in the following order:

  • August 20th-22nd. Tests of I&C system of automatic power controller and power limiting device and accelerated preventive protection equipment for power unit No. 6 of SS ZNPP, designed and manufactured in accordance with the terms of reference, were performed. This equipment is used to upgrade the corresponding system at the nuclear power unit.
  • August 28th. Acceptance tests of equipment included in the fire alarm system FAS 1-18 for power unit No. 5 of SS ZNPP were performed. Fire alarm system FAS-1 is designed to ensure the fire safety of personnel, buildings, structures, technological equipment of nuclear power plants, industrial enterprises and other facilities by early detection of a fire source, signaling its occurrence to operational personnel to take necessary measures and, if necessary, form teams to manage installations of water and gas fire extinguishing, ventilation, air conditioning, fire alerts, etc., as well as temperature monitoring of objects.
  • August 30th. Acceptance tests of complete transformer substations CTS-1000 (sections 3CW01, 3CW02, 3CQ-I, 3CQ-II, 3CC, 3CD), CTS-400 (sections 3CE, 3CF, 3CL01, 3CN01), designed and manufactured by PC “RPC Radiy” in accordance with the specifications, were performed.


The purpose of all the tests was to confirm that the equipment and the developed documentation meet the requirements of specifications, design documentation, technical requirements and terms of supply contracts. Experts confirmed that the technical level and manufacturing quality of products and documentation meet the criteria given in the regulatory documents on nuclear and radiation safety valid in Ukraine. All submitted samples are fully ready for shipment to customers.Priyomka

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