We Are From Ukraine: Radiy is Working to Win

praporOn February 24, the Russian Federation launched a new phase of the war against Ukraine. The invaders are shelling and bombing the cities and villages of Ukraine. They are cruelly killing civilians and ruthlessly destroying infrastructure, water supply, electricity, etc. The purpose of this bloody invasion is the genocide of Ukrainian people and the complete destruction of the state (physical and economic).

Now the whole world understands that Russia's plans will never come true. And the reason is that every Ukrainian is desperately defending his native land. Our victory will depend on every soldier, firefighter, driver, cook, builder, teacher, employee, everyone who honestly does his best doing everyday job. And everyone is equally important in this fight. No doubt, we will definitely rebuild and renovate everything!

RADIY is also working hard to win. Our front is providing cost-effective equipment of highest quality to keep the energy infrastructure of our country working. Systems and equipment manufactured by Radiy are domestic products that contribute to the economy of the country and its independence in energy generation.

All production facilities of the company work in a regular mode and Radiy people are ready to perform the most difficult tasks.

We guarantee:

  • • advanced equipment for the restoration of important infrastructure facilities;
  • • customized approach;
  • • design support, including new developments according to meet clients’ needs, etc.




Important! The products currently available in the warehouse can be adapted to the specific urgent needs of your region.

The strength of the nation is in its unity!

With their dignity and courageous actions Ukrainians are proving that LIGHT WILL OVERCOME DARKNESS.pole


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