RPC Radiy performs all manufacturing activities in its own production facilities. Only printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electronic components, such as chips, diodes, capacitors, and resistors are purchased parts.

According to requirements of ISO 9001, NQA-1b-2007 (ASME) and other related standards, it is necessary to establish the acceptance process to provide reasonable assurance that a commercial grade item or service will successfully perform its intended safety function to the procured products. Information that allows evaluating the Company’s suppliers is obtained with the following methods:
  • Testing (Special Tests and Inspections);
  • Supplier’s assessment (Commercial Grade Survey);
  • Supplier’s inspection (Source Verification);
  • Statistical estimation (Acceptable Supplier/Item Performance Record).
The following criteria are used for supplier selection:
  • quality of delivered items:
  • reliability data of items;
  • quantity of unaccepted materials due to noncompliance with the regulatory requirements and technical specifications;
  • availability of admissible deviations from regulatory documents in a total scope of delivery;
  • availability of a certified quality management system;
  • observance of delivery terms:
  • meeting the terms of the delivery order;
  • observance of defined delivery terms (delivery reliability);
  • amount of deliverables that the supplier is ready to deliver;
  • price policy and terms of payment;
  • terms of payment;
  • price level;
  • production stability and financial stability;
  • ability and desire to support a business-partner in challenging times;
  • general relationships with supplier:
  • documentation and communication;
  • state of delivered materials;
  • supplier’s approach to perform corrective actions.

All mentioned activities are performed by the Company procurement and sale department on a regular basis, allowing maintaining an up-to-date list of qualified suppliers.


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