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RPC Radiy is one of the leading companies in the world providing FPGA-based solutions to the nuclear industry and seeking new applications where the advantages of FPGA technology can be utilized. The continuous investment in R&D allows the Radiy to offer its customers the right technical solutions for their needs.

Radiy R&D strategy is developed to support the company’s business strategy, technology and innovative thinking. The main R&D mission statements are:

  • Create a new competitive advantage and value to pave the way for the Company’s business success and improve its position as a leading FPGA-based I&C system vendor;
  • Conduct research and development which could transfer FPGA technology advantages into company products, services, and technology improvement;
  • Improve R&D effectiveness by new knowledge acquisition and innovations.

The Scientific and Technical Center for Safety Infrastructure-Oriented Research and Analysis (STC) is Radiy’s R&D Department (, together with the Company design bureaus and technical department is committed to maintaining Radiy’s leading position in the design, development, manufacturing and supply of FPGA-based I&C systems to the nuclear industry. Finding the optimal balance between innovation and the existing proven-in-use solutions is one of the key elements of the Company’s R&D policy.

The main STC activities include:

  • Reliability, safety and cybersecurity assessment of FPGA-based I&C systems;
  • Supporting the development and other lifecycle processes for I&C systems, software, and FPGA applications;
  • Assessing and supporting implementation of diversity principle in software and I&C systems;
  • Developing techniques and tools for verification and validation of software and FPGA-based I&C systems;
  • Developing of Green computing technologies and industry mobile applications;
  • Developing standards and normative documents in the area of critical I&C systems, software and FPGA;
  • Supporting quality management system processes;
  • Certification and licensing support for I&C systems, software, and FPGA applications;
  • Supporting the training of designers and auditors in I&C systems safety.


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RPC Radiy

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