Engineered Safety Features Actuation System

Radiy’s FPGA-based “Engineered Safety Features Actuation System” is used as the technical basis for building safety systems in both new reactors and retrofit of existing reactors. The methodology used for system architecture design allows for the maximized use of the benefits provided by the modern, reliable and proven technology of the Radiy systems. The ability to choose the proper building blocks offered by the Radiy system allows for the platform to also be used in other industrial applications requiring enhanced reliability, fast response time and high quality of control functions execution (e.g., oil-and-gas industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, transportation).

The Engineered Safety Features Actuation System executes the following main functions:
  • protection, blocking and monitoring of the automated operation of actuators;
  • automatic process control;
  • manual remote control of actuators.
The Engineered Safety Features Actuation System also provides the implementation of functions that are necessary for NPP safety:
  • information and data acquisition;
  • signal conditioning and control of safety signals, detectors, and sensor;
  • full-scope systems diagnostics;
The following design principles are applied in the Engineered Safety Features Actuation System:
  • diversity of input signals (e.g., current voltage, resistance, “dry contact”);
  • system size scalability accommodating needs for increased number of inputs and outputs;
  • simple and controlled ways of code modification of protection, blocking and control algorithms;
  • adaptability of interfacing capabilities for communication and integration with other control, monitoring and regulating systems.

The Engineered Safety Features Actuation System subject to safety regulations can be supplied in single-, two-, three- or four-channel installations. The Engineered Safety Features Actuation System conforms to safety class 2 and have the classification grade of 2U(У). The systems are also designed and built in accordance with applicable national standards in the EU and the USA.


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