Reactor Power Control & Limitation Systems (RPCLS)

Reactor Power Control and Limitation Systems (RPCLSs), using the Radiy safety platform, are carefully architected for both retrofit of power reactors and also for new construction of power reactors.

The system hardware platform and RPCLS architectures are designed to be compliant with all applicable regulations and recommendations of IEC, IAEA, and the U.S. NRC.

Continuous system diagnostics is assured by the integrated diagnostic tools, which are maintained independent of the workings of the safety circuitry and associated coding.

Reactor Power Control and Limitation Systems perform the following main functions:
  • automatic and continuous regulation of reactor neutron power and/or pressure in the main steam line of NPP power unit turbine;
  • control of reactor power at levels corresponding to the range of NPP power unit main licensing limitations, from start up through full-power operation;
  • fast-responding preventative protection of the reactor (runback at 40-50% of full power within 3 to 4 seconds).

To increase the reliability of the protection functions, three levels of output signals forming a 2-out-of-3 majority logic within divisions are realized in the Reactor Power Control and Limitation System. If licensing schemes require, the system can be designed in a 2-out-of-4 configuration with full reliability and quality compliance.

During the design phase of any specific Reactor Power Control and Limitation System, divisional principles are implemented within the control and protection functions. In order to achieve high reliability and independences, different groups of protection functions are realized in separate galvanically isolated subunits.


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