Seismic Sensor (SS1)

The Seismic Sensor SS-1 is designed for operation as a part of antiseismic protection of buildings and structures. The sensor assures generation of commands (in the form of analog and digital signals) for making decisions if the designed earthquake level values are exceeded and if static inclination changes of building and foundations have been identified and registered.

The sensor is designed in accordance with the requirements of regulatory document NP 306.2.141 and refers to the safety class 2, it refers to elements of normal operation, safety systems control elements and has classification designation 2NU.

Meets environmental requirements for UHL4 equipment type.

On environmental protection classification, the block refers to IP54 group.

Product highlights:
  • MEMS-based
  • Enhanced self-diagnostics:
    - of seismic accelerometers' efficiency;
    - of software integrity and installation parameters of the sensor;
    - of circuit continuity in current analog lines
  • Suppression system of industrial mechanical vibrations on each channel of threshold acceleration
  • Flexible adjustment of amplitude-frequency characteristics of the sensor
  • Setup, monitoring and testing using computer (IBM PC compatible)
  • 3 discrete output channels
  • 4 analog output lines
  • 1 digital RS-485 communication interface
  • Suppression of noise and industrial seismic influences
  • 220 V (AC), 24V(DC) power supply modification


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