Video Surveillance System (VSS1)

The FAS-1 may interact with the Video Surveillance System (VSS-1)

VSS-1 is intended for assuring the video surveillance over the condition of different NPPs premises for timely revealing the violations of the equipment operation modes, which is located within the VSS-1 monitoring zone, timely taking appropriate protective actions by the operator, for access control of the operating personnel to the covered premises and analysis of the registered images.

At transmitting the “WARNING”, “FAULT WARNING”, “FIRE ALARM” signals from FAS- 1 to VSS-1, the image of the covered premise is automatically displayed on the FAS-1 workstation monitor.

VSS-1 implements the following functions:
  • monitoring of premises on events, retention the event reports in the database and their issuance to the external subnetwork
  • registration of video information upon receiving the “WARNING”, “FAULT WARNING”, “FIRE ALARM” signals from FAS system and its retention in the databus (video-archive)
  • viewing the video information in the real time mode


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