Calibration Equipment

Vibration Measurement System (VMS-1) is designed for the calibration (testing) of seismic protection system sensors in nuclear power plants, other acceleration-sensitive devices and various types of vibration transducers, as well as research seismically sensitive sensors.
VMS-1 is a set of equipment designed for calibration (testing) including the operator workstation. VMS-1 components, as well as the entire VMS-1 system, are the certified metrological equipment and have a Metrological Qualification Certificate. VMS-1 is designed in accordance with Technical Specification UYAISH.411732.001 TS.

The overview diagram for the calibration (testing) of the devices under test using VMS-1

Vibration Testing Machine (UVI-1) is used to create vibrations of the device under test (completed with a State Metrological Qualification Certificate).

Reference Accelerometer (EA) is used to convert mechanical vibrations into an electrical signal with a given transformation accuracy (completed with a State Metrological Qualification Certificate).

Vibration Meter (VI-1) is used for collecting and processing the signals from the EA vibrations, as well for the EA power supply (completed with a State Metrological Qualification Certificate).

Multi-channel Vibration Meter (VIM-1) is used for receiving and processing vibration signals from the device under test in an analog form (as a voltage or current source), as well as in a discrete form ‒ threshold values (completed with a State Metrological Qualification Certificate).

Operator workstation (ARM O) includes a personal computer and a laser printer. 


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