General Purpose Equipment

Multi-Functional High-Precision Module MFHPM-1 is designed to produce 24-bit digital signals from three measurement channels that can be used for voltage, current, resistance values, and bridge measurement circuits. It also provides parameter outputs via a digital interface (RS 485) and control signals by two universal static discrete outputs.

Scope of application
MFHPM-1 is used when working with the sensors comprising an output proportional value of the measured values: differential and unipolar voltage up to +/- 30 V, including microstrain sources (thermocouples), signal current values 0 ... 20 mA, resistance 0..2000 Оhm (resistance temperature detectors) including bridge conversion diagrams (strain sensors) with a speed up to 500 samples per second. It generates discrete threshold signals of the measured value for automatic process control (e.g., P, PI, PID).

Water proximity sensor (hereinafter – WPS-1) is designed for the output of the discrete logic emergency signal in case of flooding of the object where the sensor is installed. The sensor is intended for using in the different monitoring systems or automated systems of early emergency detection to output the emergency flooding parameters specified in the standards DBN V. 1.2.-5:2007, DBN V.2.5-76:2014. The sensor is applied both for the flood monitoring and raising humidity detection in the different industrial and non-industrial premises.
Environmental effect protection level of WPS electronics is IP67 Group.

Processing Module of Analog Signal (PMAS-1), together with a submersible absolute pressure sensor, is designed to determine the level of water in tanks or reservoirs. The water level is determined by the measured absolute water pressure in the installed probe. Probe connection of PMAS-1 is a 4-20 mA current loop. Output of PMAS-1 is a RS485 digital interface.

Signal Processing Module of Induction Sensor (SPMIS-1), together with an induction sensor, is designed to determine the rotational speed of shafts, rotors, or other rotating parts. SPMIS-1 generates discrete logic signals of warning and alarm when measured values of frequency or speed exceed the established threshold values. The frequency or speed measuring section consists of a commercially available induction sensor (IS) and SPMIS-1 modules.

Universal current distributor (UCD) is intended for distribution of a current signal as well as conversion from one current standard into another. It can be used as a component of technical automation equipment and software and hardware complexes in nuclear power plants or other industrial facilities.
UCD can distribute the input current signal of standards: 0..5, 4..20, 0..20 mA into three galvanically isolated channels with the conversion of one standard into another in any random order determined by the task. 

The Digital Multichannel Recorder (DMR) is designed for operation in instrumentation and control systems.
The DMR measures and records parameters and transmits the measurement data to the supervisory levels of I&C systems. It can be used at nuclear power plants (as the automation hardware), and in safety control systems.

The DMR is classified as safety class 2, with the classification designation 2NU in accordance with NP 306.2.141, and corresponds to 2 (A) according to NP306.2 .202, as per the functions performed.
The DMR can be used in other fields of industry where the parameters of DMR meet the current field regulatory requirements.

Level alarm equipment system (LAES) is designed to control the limit levels of various liquid types at nuclear power plants as well as in other industries where LAES parameters comply with current industry regulatory requirements. LAES and its components are intended for use in technical automation equipment and software and hardware complexes.
LAES includes the following components:
Level Alarm Module (LAM)
Level Alarm Crate (LAC)
Level Alarm Cabinet (LAC)


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