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Monitoring Systems

The Automatic System for Early Diagnostics of Emergencies (ASEDE) is designed to monitor the status of an object and to generate control and annunciation signals in the case of an emergency. ASEDE meets the regulatory requirements for design and construction and can be installed in both heated and non-heated premises.

The overview diagram of ASEDE

ASEDE is used to control and monitor the status of:

⦁ buildings and structures
⦁ roof coverings
⦁ bridges and supports
⦁ pipelines
⦁ chimney pipes
⦁ underground workings, including mine shafts
⦁ seismic alarm and protection systems
⦁ other objects/locations where ASEDE would be beneficial

ASEDE consists of an Information Acquisition and Display Unit (IADU); a power back up unit (PBU); and a set of sensors to monitor microclimate, fire, penetration, and to check the status of the automated operator’s workstation (AOWS).

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