Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with high-precision machines and tools with computerized numerical controls, including:

  • turning and milling machines, turn-mill machining centers produced by Hyundai-Wia in 2012-2013,
  • hobbing and splining machines,
  • circular grinding machines and surface-grinding machines,
  • thread-grinding machines for grinding screws and ball screw assemblies,
  • internal grinding machines and bore centerless grinding machines,
  • jig-boring machines and jig-grinding machines,
  • equipment for thermal and thermochemical processing.

We guarantee high quality while processing:

  • bar parts (shafts, axles) with high degree of accuracy; arrangement of various kinds of longitudinal and transversal grooves and slots with involute, straight-sided and pointed spline ends;
  • disk-shaped parts such as flanges, lids, races made of cast bars, stamped blank components, and metal-roll;
  • body parts, like gear casing, case of steering hydraulic boosters and others, with dimensions up to 500 mm, with high precision dimensions and relative positions of the holes with concurrent and skew axes;
  • details of ballscrew units with grinding of external and internal metric threads.

We have developed effective approaches and obtained experience in processing items made of ferrous metals, nonferrous metal alloys, aluminum and brass alloys.

Using coordinate inspection machinery, Wenzel Smart CCM, we are able to achieve high levels of accuracy and precision. Using three-dimensional design systems, such as CAD CAM, our specialists continuously develop innovative ways to enhance existing products and design new lines with a working pressure of 20 mPa.

The Company's Quality Management System is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 requirements.


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