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I&C for IPEN-CNEN Institute

I&C system of IEA-R1 Research Reactor, IPEN-CNEN institute (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

On May 16-20, 2016 Radiy held Factory Acceptance Tests of Safety Systems Control Console SSCC-1. Radiy engineers designed, manufactured and tested the Safety Systems Control Console SSCC-1, which included Neutron Flux Monitoring, Rods Control andReactor Trip Systems according to the Customer specifications - Redetec / IPEN (Brazil).

Safety Systems Control Console SSCC-1 is based on the RadICS platform, certified to IEC 61508: 2010 and SIL 3 level requirements, and ensures high reliability, functionality and information security.

The Factory Acceptance Tests confirmed that the equipment complies with technical requirements and was approved by authorized representatives of both parties.


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