Nuclear power plant equipment upgrade program:

Fire alarm system and automated gas extinguishing system

Fire alarm system (FAS) is designed to ensure fire safety of personnel, buildings, process equipment of nuclear power plants and other high hazard facilities. FAS is a distributed I&C  microprocessor system built on switching signals from incoming devices to workstations. The workstations display the state of FAS components and, if necessary, generates an alarm. The FAS structure allows for complex fire alarm systems and automatic control of water or gas fire extinguishing systems without changing the configuration of the entire system.

The Fire Alarm System performs the following functions:

  • automatically detect fire;
  • manually start fire alarm;
  • alert to fire alarm;
  • transmit a fire alarm signal;
  • monitor and display the state of FAS components;
  • transmit failure warnings;
  • control fire protection equipment;
  • provide power supply.

The gas fire extinguishing system is based on the Fire Alarm System and can be used where other fire extinguishing systems may cause a short circuit or other equipment damage.

Automated gas fire extinguishing plant consists of cylinders containing a gas fire extinguishing substance, control units, pipelines and nozzles (which provide gas delivery and discharge capabilities), fire alarm control, and fire detectors.

From 2006 to 2020, Radiy produced and delivered 17 fire safety systems to Ukrainian nuclear power plants:

  • fire alarm control unit - 179 units,
  • workstations - 35 units,
  • fire safety system equipment test facilities - 6 units.