Radiy manufactures products for the nuclear power

industry, construction and transport industry,

agricultural and electric power sectors.

RPC Radiy is a leader in the development, production, and installation of FPGA-based digital I&C systems for nuclear power plants and other facilities that require advanced protection systems.

Company History

Radiy is deeply intertwined with Ukraine’s industrial evolution. Radiy’s history is the history of its people—highly skilled professionals who love what they do.

Corporate Culture

We support a corporate culture based on trust and mutual respect.

We devote our knowledge, experience, and time to achieve success with our customers.


Our team of managers lead Radiy towards exceeding customer expectations.

Quality Policy

Radiy’s products, technologies, and quality management system fully meet the main international and European standards.

Research and Production Corporation Radiy manufactures the products and provides cost-effective engineering solutions for nuclear energy, construction and transport industries, agrarian and electrical power sectors. RPC Radiy is an engineering company leading in development, production and installation of FPGA-based instrumentation and control (I&C) systems for nuclear power and facilities with increased process hazards. Radiy also supplies the LED lighting and Smart-city systems, hydromechanical products, switchgear equipment and equipment for the physical processes analysis. Radiy manufacturing capacity ensures high-quality, cost-effective and customized engineering solutions for both small and large-scale projects.