Achievements of Radiy company, first of all, are the merit of its staff. RPC Radiy has 8 design groups with more than 300 talented designers and developers who create unique technical solutions for power engineering, construction, transport sphere and other types of industry.

I&C Systems Design Group

The I&C Systems Design Group developed the RadICS Platform which has been installed over 70 times in nuclear power plants. This group also developed the RadiCOM Platform which used in modernization projects for nuclear and thermal power plants.

Electrotechnical Equipment Design Group (EEDG)

This group is involved in the development of different electrotechnical equipment for nuclear power plants and other industrial areas. Electric Distribution Cabinets developed by the EEDG were used to replace obsolete distribution equipment at nuclear plants with VVER reactors.

Design Group of Lighting Systems and Fire Alarm Systems (DG LS&FAS)

Is involved in the development, testing, and life-cycle support of lighting engineering products and fire alarm systems. The Design Group develops street lighting products, indoor lighting, industrial lighting systems, and luminaires for agricultural and livestock facilities as well as special-purpose luminaires (explosion-proof, high temperature, force-cooled, low-voltage, double-phase, etc.).

Chief Designer’s Department (CDD)

Assures support and preparation of design documentation, development, and implementation of new and improved product manufacturing technological processes.

Design Technology Division (DTD) of Workshop No. 5

Develops design documentation for industrial equipment and tools and internal supporting documents for non-standard equipment and parts.

Software and Hardware Systems Design Group (SHS DG)

Is involved in the development, testing, and support of various electronic and programmable electronic products used in reverse-engineering projects and modernization of existing I&C systems. This group is also involved in the development of new I&C systems.

Design Group of Physical Process Analysis

Develops seismic protection and monitoring systems and products for attestation and calibration of equipment at nuclear power plants.

Design Group of the Steering Hydromechanics Plant

Produces, manufactures, and repairs equipment and parts for hydraulic power steering for Ukrainian and foreign motor manufacturers. This group has also produced single-turn electric actuators designed for industrial manufacturing areas and nuclear power plants.