RadiyLED – is a designer of reliable LED solutions for industry and business. RadiyLED product line covers street, office, industrial and commercial lighting. Consistently high quality products – a key principle in design, production and comprehensive testing. RadiyLED as a subsidiary of Radiy, continues the tradition of 60-year technology excellence and is fully responsible for its product to the consumer.

RadiyLED is a powerful design team with perfect knowledge of tools for design of microcontrollers, as well as for electrical and printed circuit boards.

Lighting control systems RadiyLED have the following features:

  • lighting control via GSM channels;
  • lighting control via ZigBee channels;
  • lighting control via power lines;
  • lighting control in agriculture;
  • individual built-in lighting control in a separate luminaire.

RadiyLED offers important opportunities for decisions of each individual project with specialized lighting:

  • forced cooling luminaires;
  • luminaires at high temperatures;
  • safe and explosion-proof luminaires;
  • two-phase luminaires;
  • luminaires with back-up.

Production of RadiyLED meets all global requirements and standards.

Advantages of RadiyLED production processes:/strong>

High output:

  • 120,000 luminaires/year - production capacity at operation in one shift;
  • possible doubling of output due to the 2nd shift on production.
  • Innovative equipment and technology:
  • automated installation of SMD elements on the printed circuit board;
  • automated production of cable and conductors;
  • assembly and testing of luminaires using a conveyor, etc.