Safe electricity distribution of low-voltage switchgears

Field of application 

Implementation of low-voltage switchgears and AC motor control devices with main bus current up to 630 A.


As an integral part of electrical equipment for power supply to consumers and control of electric drives of shutoff, control valves, and electric motors with capacity up to 60 kW:

  • industry facilities, 
  • auxiliaries of power generation plants,
  • other facilities.

Successful implementation experience, including nuclear power plants modernization projects

More than 3000 EDC of various versions have been put into industrial operation at nuclear power facilities and other locations with high requirements for reliability, safety, and operational integrity.


  • expansion in the number of functional units in the cabinet allows reducing the total number of cabinets;
  • removable design of the units allows quick replacement of a faulty unit;
  • diagnostic function allows for quick and accurate determination of the location and nature of the fault;
  • archiving of data on power supply parameters and equipment status makes it possible to analyze events, etc.

Fields of application

Electric distribution cabinets (EDC) are used at power generation facilities, in urban electric networks, and in the facilities of oil and gas, agriculture, mining, and railway industries.