Maintaining the required power factor of consumer installations

Intended use

The reactive power compensation cabinet (RPCC) performs the function of supporting the set power factor (cos φ) in electric distributive three-phase circuits of industrial companies and other facilities having voltage up to 400 V and frequency 50 Hz. 

The reactive power compensation cabinet (RPCC) supports the set cos φ during maximal and minimal loads compensating reactive power generation.

Advantages of the reactive power compensation cabinets

  • Support of the necessary power factor of the consumer’s facilities (set within 0.8—1.0);
  • Power quality improvement;
  • Reduction of general power expenses;
  • Load relief for distribution network elements, thus prolonging their life;
  • Decrease of power transformers load;
  • Power supply load through the cable with less cross-section.

Fields of application

The reactive power increase causes an inevitable increase in power expenses thus heavily affecting the prime cost of items manufactured at the company.

Today, reactive power compensation is one of the most effective ways to decrease power consumption at various industrial companies and in households. This method consists of voltage regulation in the grid and support of the optimal balance of the electric power grid’s reactive power.