Phase 5 focused on the development of RPCT IDE and its components, combined under MATS (Monitoring and Tuning System).

In addition Radiy V&V team updated an independently designed ROVT (RPCT Outputs Verification Tool) to be able to cover the latest changes in RPCT.

The main goals to modify RPCT were:

  • refactoring and debugging of RPCT code to improve reliability and speed of a project processing;
  • development of simulation and testing capabilities of RPCT – as a result new RPCT parts TestSuite and Simulator were added;
  • increasing the interactive capabilities of HMI based on Monitor and Tuning clients;
  • development of built-in design support functions: configuration management, change analysis, and extending of build-in help system;
  • improvement of RPCT Compiler to provide more effective use of LM’s hardware resources;

After the mentioned above changes were completed Radiy applied for extended certification of the FPGA-Based Safety Controller (FSC) RadICS to IEC 61508.

exida’s Surveillance Audit was conducted by the consulting and assessment experts and was finalized by conducting witness testing in the Radics testing area, which was successfully completed by demonstrating full compliance with the RadICS Platform and its modified configuration tool to SIL 3 according to the requirements of  IEC 61508.