Nuclear power plant Equipment Modernization Program:

Power Supply Equipment of

Nuclear Facility Control and Protection Systems

Power supply equipment of nuclear reactor control and protection systems (CPS) is a multifunctional I&C subsystem designed to control reactor power, control and fast shutdown of chain reaction in all operation modes, and support the reactor in a sub-critical state.

Nuclear reactor Control and Protection Systems performs the following functions:

  • measure and control of the mean reactor neutron flux;
  • measure and control of the period, power, and reactivity doubling time;
  • measure and control of neutron flux distribution across the reactor;  
  • CPS element remote control;
  • CPS element position control;
  • automatic regulation of reactor mean power,
  • regulation of reactor power distribution;
  • automatic reactor removal from sub-critical state;
  • reactivity change compensation,
  • automatic shutdown of chain reaction in emergencies; 
  • automatic reactor power reduction and limitation when process equipment fails;
  • estimation of reactor heat power;
  • process, preventative, and emergency alarm generation;
  • exchange of information with other I&C sub-systems;
  • CPS devices operability control, failure alarm, and automatic change-over.

Between 2007 and 2019, 8 CPS power supply equipment sets were designed, manufactured, supplied, and installed for nuclear power plants in the Ukraine and the EU:

  • Rivne – 1 system;
  • South-Ukraine – 3 systems;
  • Zaporizhzhia – 2 systems;