NPP Equipment Modernization Program:

Safety-related and non safety-related Nuclear Island

Control System and Conventional Island Control System

The Safety-related and non-safety-related Nuclear Island Control System and the Conventional Island Control System (Common Control Room Actuation Panel) implements the main control functions and belongs to safety class 3, having the classified designation of 3H.

The Conventional Island Control System performs the following functions:

  • continuously monitors the processes and the state of process equipment for normal operation of Nuclear Island  and Conventional Island of the power unit; 
  • initiates the actions of process protections and interlocks of actuators and/or process signaling; 
  • runs the actuators in the closed loops of automatic control of process conditions;
  • supports the actions of operators performing remote control of actuators and displays data on the states, positions, and modes of operation for actuators;
  • performs the continuous diagnostics of the technical state (and notifies personnel about malfunctions), the operability of its own components and other components of the system and associated process equipment;
  • performs the continuous data archiving on test parameters and component states;
  • displays and registers current and historical data, including the diagnostic results.

In 2015 and 2016, 2 Common Control Room Actuation Panels were designed, produced, supplied, and installed at Rivne nuclear power plant.