Upgrade of thermal power plant equipment:

The automatic control and monitoring I&C system

The automatic control and monitoring I&C system is designed for the remote control of actuators, the acquisition and processing of signal parameters, and automatic regulation of technological processes in normal and emergency operating modes of the power unit.

The functions of the automatic control and monitoring system are separated and performed by the following subsystems:

  • the subsystem for collecting field information. It receives and converts parameter signals from sensors (flow, level, pressure, temperature, etc.) and provides the main power supply for sensors. It also digitizes signals and compares them with predefined values;
  • the subsystem of algorithmic processing and generation of control commands and signals of technological protections and interlocks;
  • the subsystem of automatic control of technological processes;
  • remote control subsystem based on remote power control cabinets connected by optical channels with subsystems for algorithmic processing and automatic control;
  • the subsystem of operational control and display (based on two redundant servers and workstations);
  • diagnostics subsystem (based on two redundant diagnostics servers);
  • the subsystem of backup control of critical mechanisms which does not depend on the automatic control operability (based on traditional control and display elements: keys, panels, display devices, etc.).

In 2014 RPC Radiy developed, manufactured, and delivered the automatic control and monitoring system to the Trypillia thermal power plant.

After Chernobyl was shut down, the Trypilska plant became the largest power generating facility in the Kyiv region. Its general power-producing capacity is 1800 MW. The generated electricity from Trypillia is supplied primarily to consumers in the Kyiv, Zhytomyr, and Cherkasy regions.