In Phase 3, the RadICS platform was supplemented by the proprietary toolset Radiy Platform Configuration Tool (RPCT). All needed HW changes for RPCT support were implemente during the 3rd phase. RPCT provides a complete IDE so End Users can create safety system logic and hardware configuration on a convenient graphic platform. The IDE allows the user to define their control or safety logic, incorporate platform diagnostics in their logic, define signals that can be tuned online, and configure both the tuning station and the non-interfering monitoring system. The user’s control or safety logic is designed using the certified function block library.

All 3 phases of RadICS are based on 3 unchanged concepts: firstly, RadICS is structured physically like a safety PLC, with a Logic Module (LM) and 14 slots which can be populated with any of the I/O modules or an optical communication module which allows for expansion to 3 levels of chassis. Secondly, RadICS is completely implemented using FPGAs – there are no microprocessors. This provides exceptional speed (10 ms worst case reaction), inherently good immunity against cyber attacks. The third fundamental concept is the separation of platform logic and User Application Logic (UAL), which provides stability of the platform regardless of the application.

During Certification Phases 1 and 2, the UAL was implemented for the End-User using Quartus II software from Altera. In Phase 3, the IDE toolset RPCT was added and integrated as the design tool for the UAL. This provides a complete state-of-the-art user-friendly package so the End-User can cost-effectively design their own UAL. This UAL is stored outside FPGA and there is no need to recompile the FPGA project each time the UAL is changed. The End-User’s UAL is designed in RPCT using the certified Function Block Library, consisting of over 80 fundamental blocks and allowing the End-User to define reusable composite blocks. The composition of the platform modules has no changes.

The SIL 3 Certificate was updated in Phase 3. It now demonstrates full compliance with IEC 61508 for LM, DIM, DOM, AIM, AOM, OCM, and RPCT and states that a single configuration of the RadICS Platform is SIL 3 capable and can be used for nuclear safety applications.

Another important achievement of Phase 3 is the RadICS Platform successful qualification at Kinectrics laboratory and subsequent release of Safety Evaluation Report issued by US NRC on July 31, 2019.