In Phase 4 the RadICS platform was supplemented by three new modules which process new types of analog signals:

  • Resistance Temperature Detector Inputs Module ( RIM)
  • Thermocouple Inputs Module ( TIM)
  • Wide Range Analog Inputs Module (WAIM)

Adding three new modules was a confident step because the HW and SW modular design was previously fully verified and tested.

The Extension of RadICS Platform with RIM, TIM and WAIM allows End User to design more system types in different areas of safety critical system projects.

The newly developed modules were successfully qualified in Kinectrics laboratory (Toronto, Canada) with subsequent release of the “Test Report for the Qualification Testing of a RadICS Safety PLC” on March 19, 2020.

New cable assemblies and interface protection modules were also added to the list of qualified platform components.

The Supplement to Safety Evaluation Report was issued by US NRC on April 17, 2020. The SER confirms that the 9-module digital RadICS Platform configuration can be used in safety-related systems at NPPs. The RadICS Platform can be configured to produce protection and safety system applications (such as reactor trip systems and engineered safety features actuation systems) to ensure the reliable and safe operation of nuclear facilities.

All 4 phases of RadICS are based on 3 unchanged concepts:

  • firstly, RadICS product is structured physically like a safety PLC, with a Logic Module (LM) and 14 slots which can be populated with any of the I/O modules or an optical communication module which allows for expansion to 3 levels of chassis;
  • secondly, RadICS is completely implemented using FPGAs – there are no microprocessors. This provides exceptional speed (10 ms worst case reaction), inherently good immunity against cyber attacks.
  • and finally, the fundamental concept is the separation of platform logic and User Application Logic (UAL), which provides stability of the platform regardless of the application.

The SIL 3 Certificate is going to be updated in Phase 4. It now demonstrates full compliance with IEC 61508 for LM, DIM, DOM, AIM, AOM, OCM, TIM, RIM, WAIM and RPCT and states that a single configuration of the RadICS Platform is SIL 3 capable and can be used for nuclear safety applications.