EdF – Radiy Project “FPGA-based Instrumentation and Control Platform”

(I&C Test Platform based on HDL- programmed technology (FPGA/CPLD))

In 2014, the French Company Électricité de France (EdF) signed a contract with RPC Radiy to investigate FPGA capabilities and apply Radiy equipment for the modernization of French nuclear power plants.    

The project provided for the development and supply of a testbed for EdF in the form of a system of devices programmed in HDL (hardware description language). Specifically, a cabinet with the function of discrete and analog signals input, logic processing, and output. The project scope also included training, consulting, and delivery of nuclear power plant control system development tools.   

The testbed was developed meeting the requirements of the IEC standards used for nuclear regulation in France. The testing process included the implementation of a safety life cycle with a stage-by-be-stage development, verification and validation of the product.

As a result, EdF learned about FPGA capabilities and how they can be used in the modernization of nuclear power plants operated by EdF.