Nuclear power plant equipment upgrade program:

Rod Control System I&C System

The Rod Control System I&C System is based on the digital RadICS platform and is developed, manufactured, and delivered in the form of a highly integrated unified system, which consists of the rod position indication subsystem and the rod control subsystem of a reactor control and protection system. Rod position indication subsystem determines all operating parameters of a reactor control and protection position system and valid rod positions in case of reactor emergency shutdown. The rod control subsystem of a reactor control and protection system performs all functions of rod control and contains a set of control rod drives.

In 2013, Radiy designed, manufactured, delivered, and installed a Rod Control System at South-Ukraine nuclear power plant.

The Rod Control System ensures: fast suppression of a chain reaction in the core by emergency protection command; fast reactor power cutback by accelerated unloading equipment reactor unit command; reactor power reduction with operating speed by warning protection command; increase or decrease of reactor power by automatic power control commands or by operator commands; change of core power distribution by movement of individual controls of a reactor control and protection system by an operator; prohibition of reactor power increase by preventive protection command; display of data on received commands, positions and direction of movement of reactor control and protection system controls. The Rod Control System can have 2 or 3 redundant channels depending on the design of the nuclear reactor and it can use 1 out of 2 or 2 out of 3 majority logic.