Test Equipment Projects:

(Reactor Protection System Prototype project)

In 2020, Radiy developed the Reactor Protection System Prototype (RPSP) created to demonstrate an effective solution for digital modernization of I&C Systems which will increase safety and reduce operating costs.

The prototype is an integrated system that combines the functions of the reactor trip system (RTS) and the functions of the engineered safety feature actuation system (ESFAS).

The equipment was developed based on the RadICS platform, which meets the IEC requirements for  SIL 3 level in a single channel. In 2019, the RadICS platform received US NRC licensure. The platform has practical operational experience based on the implementation of more than 100 systems.

The reactor protection system based on the RadICS platform has high reliability, increased safety, and maintenance cost efficiency. The prototype has a modular structure and a 30% reserve of processing power for the possibility of future updates at the request of the customer.

The customer can monitor the current state of the reactor protection system online:

  • monitor the current value of all input signals;
  • know the boundaries of all operating ranges;
  • observe the actuation of setpoints in all protection algorithms;
  • observe the consequences of actions taken in response to failure detection when all protection functions are triggered.

The system archives all service information and provides operators with the results of analysis of field equipment failure trends.

Built-in self-testing properties and automatic testing of all safety features simplify the test procedures and reduces overall operating costs.

High reliability, built-in self-diagnostics, unique internal diversity, and inherent cybersecurity makes the RadICS platform a powerful tool for new and existing nuclear power plants.